When to Take Grape Seed Extract?

when to take grape seed extract

Over several centuries, grapes have been known for their nutritional and medical values. Many ancient philosophers who include the Greeks and Egyptian as well as several others have continually commended the healing effect in grapes. As civilisation progressed, some European scientists advanced the use of grape to the extraction of ointment from the seeds of grapes which were used for the treatment of some ailment such as skin and eye disease. The leaves of this amazing fruit were also very useful as it was used to treat certain pain, bleeding and some forms of inflammation. In addition to the ability of the extract from grape seed to treat a variety of health issues ranging from constipation to cholera, nausea, abdominal disorder kidney and liver diseases, the extract from grape seed is also a very helpful medicine in the treatment of cancer. Dependent on the particular sickness being treated, grape seed extract is best taken before and after meal for different purposes. However, in all cases regular intake of the grape seed extract is highly recommended for effective result.

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, a very vital component of the grape seed has over the years been regarded as a very powerful antioxidant. Scientifically, it has been established that the extract from the grape seed is highly medicinal and have been proven to be a reliable treatment option for numerous heart diseases, lung diseases as well as skin diseases. It has also been revealed that grape seed is the most recommended option for treat conditions such as acute intravenous deficiency and edema among a host of other sicknesses and diseases that the grape seed extract is well credited to cure. Nevertheless, for the treatment of some specific critical sicknesses, it is advisable to take the grape seed extract regularly and frequently.

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An experiment conducted with a set of healthy subjects reveal constant consumption of grape seed extract considerably increased the level of blood of the substances that destroys free radicals otherwise known as antioxidants. Free radicals are harmful substances or compounds in human body that has severe negative effect on the DNA system and in some cases can even cause the death of some cells. These free radicals are also thought of to have significant contribution to aging and serves as an activator of several health challenges in the human body. However, discoveries from this scientific research have brought to the fore the immense benefits of the grape seed extract in effecting healing in the human body. Note that, the best time to take the grape seed extract is advisably as first thing in the morning before meal. It is also recommended to be taken after meal late at night.

When is the Best Time to Take Grape Seed Extract?

The best time to take grape seed extract is when it’s taken with a drink as first thing in the morning before meal and as the last thing to be taken at night after meal. However, when treating a particular health challenge, it is advisable to take the required dosage specific for the ailment.

Benefits of Taking Grape Seed Extract Before Meal

Taking of grape seed extract before meal has enormous benefits which include the reduction of the risk of Edema. Edema occurs as a result of swelling of the body part caused by an injury or a surgery. This kind of swelling of the body is very common in patients that have undergone breast cancer treatments. A patient that has undergone breast cancer treatment and has developed Edema when given a dose of about 600mg of grape seed extract on a daily basis especially before meal, it was discovered that Edema in the patient reduces and even got completely cured.

Another benefit of taking the grape seed extract before meal is the eradication of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol which is a fatty waxy like substance found in the body cells has both positive and negative impacts on the human body dependent on the amount available. When cholesterol exists in moderate amount in the body, it promotes the generation of vitamin D, the production of hormones and helps in the process of digestion. However when this useful substance occur in large or excess amount, it becomes a killer to the human body. Evidence has shown that the ingestion of grape seed extract before meal has the capability of lowering the body cholesterol level significantly. An experimental study was conducted involving four subjects; one administered the grape seed extract. After a given period of time, it was discovered that the subject given the extract had cholesterol level lowered.


Benefits of Taking Grape Seed Extract After Meal

Similar to before meal, there are also benefits of taking the grape seed extract after meal. Some of these benefits include the mitigation of chronic venous insufficiency. Chronic venous insufficiency is a medical condition that is associated with the body’s inability to pump blood back to the heart especially from the legs. Studies have shown that patients with this undesirable condition fair mush better when given grape seed extract preferable after meal. It tremendously reduces the symptoms of this condition and repairs some of the damaged vein valves.

Another benefit of taking grape seed extract after meal is for the eradication of scavenging radicals. These scavenging radicals are sometimes referred to as singlet oxygen radicals that contribute to the emergence of inflammation in the human body. Polyphenol, a component of the grape seed extract has been recommended as being highly necessary for the eradication of these scavenging radicals. A continuous consumption of the grape seed extract in drinks and foods after meal cleanses the body of dangerous free radicals in addition to boosting the body vitamin C level against diseases.

Additionally, grape seed extract empty the stomach, consequently tackling the problem of indigestion, constipation and abdominal pain among others.

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