CareFoundation prides to initiate different fundraising programs that do not only give a better place to live but, also help them in improving the standard of their life by doing something beneficial for themselves. We strive to organize events that enable people to learn new skills and techniques.

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CareFoundation believe in going with the flow and with this approach, we are always in need of electronic equipment or devices, particularly smartphones and laptop donation. So, if someone wants to donate any of the equipment, we encourage and welcome them to show their support. We understand that people always want to see results of their donations and when it comes to accountability, CareFoundation holds ourselves responsible for everything we do.

People do not have to worry about where their donations are going. Our representatives will explain everything and let our donors know about our programs. Their donated laptops and smartphones will be used in the best possible manner so that needy people can get the best out of themselves.

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