CareFoundation is a non-profit foundation that is particularly working to support needy people with electronic items like mobile phones and laptops. Since not every person has access to these facilities, we encourage people not to discard their used/old items. Money is not always the supporting factor, especially when it’s about giving opportunities to start with new spirit.

Here, most of the people ask us about the ways to donate for the society. We usually suggest them to go for smartphone and laptop donations as it is one of the best ways of charity and can enable needy people to live a satisfactory life. Here, most of the people ask that what types of smpartphones or laptop they should donate and whether we have any criteria to accept such electronics or not. Well yes, we follow a certain procedure to accept these items, especially when we are working for children and intend to provide better educational services.

Our basic requirement for laptops or smartphones is that they should be usable and if possible, contain all necessary accessories and devices so that we do not have to struggle a lot. We strive to facilitate poor people with local donation and effective communication services due to which, we welcome donors who want to spread happiness among others. We usually request our donors to give away such smartphones and laptops that can help people, especially children, to learn new skills and collect as much knowledge as they can.

Since we organize different learning and training programs, CareFoundation is always in need of supportive equipment and devices, people can donate from anywhere they want. They just have to transfer the equipment and we will send a receipt of collection.

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