What Sort of Problems Users Suffer in Top 5 Countries with Highest Rate of Mobile Phone?

Planning to gift a mobile phone to your child on his/her birthday? Or giving for some personal and security reasons? here’s a act that mobile phone is an advanced technology and everyone wants to have it, but have you ever thought about its disadvantages on teenagers’ lives.

Nowadays, in the world, what you would see is the excessive use of mobile phones, which is beneficial as well as harmful at the same time. Pew Research Center did a survey on top 5 countries with highest rate of mobile phone (consisting of China, India, USA, Brazil, Russia) and concluded that teens having age between 12 and 17 got their own mobiles and they are not only using to connect with their parents but for wrong purposes as well. Also, out of 4 teens, 1 teen has internet in his/her mobile- this ratio is more in teenagers than in adults. So, do you really think mobile phone is a good thing?

At this time in 21st century, it has been reported that 60% teens and 91% of the population have their own smartphones. No matter what brand you are going to buy- whether it is an iPhone, Android or blackberry- it is obvious that you only check your mobile phone for calls, alarms and message. But when it comes to teenagers, things are quite diverse. Mobile phones are also used to get in touch with friends and family or to check latest updates and social media. From a period of 16 hours, a teenager usually spends almost 144 minutes per day on the mobile phone, which is quite a long time as opposed to their academic and social activities.

You can say that mobile phones are the best way of communicating with family, co-workers and friends but no one could deny from the effects of excessive use of mobile phone on health and overall well being. What you should understand is that smartphones are comprised of radio waves that are electromagnetic in nature. These frequencies are harmful for the health and cause some serious diseases that may lead to death, as stated by W.HO (World Health Organization). Here, the worth mentioning fact is that mobile phones don’t emit radio frequency until head phones are connected and the radio is used. Experts suggest to keep the mobile phone away while using head phones in order to avoid radio frequency. If you want to reduce exposure of radiation, then maintain a distance of 20 centimeters from your mobile, says FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It has been found that children are mostly affected by these radiations as they are always stuck with mobile phones. This fact is particularly true for top 5 countries with highest rate of mobile phone as they have reported more issues than other parts of the world.

Mobile phones are getting more popular now and have become an essential part of the world. They simplify life and add convenience from every aspect. Here, the thing to remember is that quality mobile phones have higher prices because of advanced features and facilities. ut, that doesn’t mean that you should leave your children with the phones without being concerned about what they are doing. Below are some worth considering aspects to always look at:

1. Impact on Overall Well Being

While talking with the other person, always put your mobile phone aside because the use of phone during face-to-face conversation can cause distractions. ’s university named University of Essex found some negative impact of mobile phones with respect to maintaining focus in direct communication. They select a group in university and gave them 10 minutes to talk about their daily lives- what happened in their lives before and how they are living now. Some of them were given mobile to do whatever they want. After the session, it has been concluded that people, having mobile phones, have small friend or family circle as compared to those who do not use mobile phones so frequently.

Another part of the research worked on 34 groups of strangers, half of them were directed to talk about the daily lives’ events while the remaining groups were instructed to discuss about some unusual topics. Some groups, as usual, were busy with their phones and the rest of them have notebooks in their hands. What researchers found out is that people, having notebooks in their hands, have good communication skills with strangers than those who were using mobile phones throughout the session. All of the above discussion concluded that it is more obvious to engage with real life experiences rather than to stick with mobile phones.

2. Chronic Pain

Hands are the main part while using cell phones; they always need to work for sending e-mails, audios or type text messages. According to the research on the top 5 countries with highest rate of mobile phone, fast typing usually leads to unbearable pain and swelling in joints. One of the main problems is back pain due to constant use of laptop and mobile phone; it may increase when you hold your mobile phone during call between the shoulder and neck. Just because of long conversations, your neck may be bent, which ultimately causes a lot of pain in the back and sometimes, head as well.

3. Eyesight Problem

One of the problems arising because of high usage of smartphone is decrease in eyesight. As you know that mobile phone’s screen is probably smaller than that of laptop, there is no denying in the fact that you have to make your eyes narrow to see messages. At night, try not to use mobile too much as it may lead to eyesight problems.

4. Damage to the Immune System

Mobile phones are also harmful for your organs. When you use mobile phone after a day or some hours, there may be a layer of greasy, oil residue containing more germs than the toilet papers. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Marry located in University of London checked about 390 mobile phones to note down bacteria level and same as for hands.

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