Vitamins to Lower Blood Pressure

vitamins for high blood pressure

Also referred to as Hypertension, blood pressure can be described as an amount of force on the walls of the arteries as blood tends to flow through them. The topic high blood pressure has so much raised concern worldwide and record has it that close to 90 million and more of persons are diagnosed of high blood pressure. Common with person around the ages of 65 and beyond, high blood pressure can cause many health problems if left uncontrolled and untreated. The conditions it can result into include stroke, kidney diseases, heart failure, and vision loss and so on. Specifically, everyone knows that the heart is also muscle that pump and circulate blood through the body, while blood that has low oxygen is actually pumped through to the lungs where oxygen supply are usually replenished, the oxygen rich blood is in turn pumped by the heart around the human body in order to supply muscles and cells.

Notably, if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it then means that your arteries walls are receiving too much pressure on a daily basis. However the causes of high blood pressure can be classified into two, which include i. Essential high blood pressure and Secondary high blood pressure. You might be wondering why in two categories, but then the essential type of high blood pressure has been termed to have no established cause while the secondary high blood pressure is termed to have an underlying cause.

Most of the causes attached with both the identifiable high blood pressure and the secondary high blood pressure include high salt intake, high fat diet, mental stress, diabetes, , Age, obesity, over-weight, family record or heredity, temperature among others have been recognized as causes for essential high blood pressure. It is revealed that as you get older, one is at greater risk of having high blood pressure, also in the case of family record or heredity, there’s also a likely chance of having high blood pressure if a close relations with hypertension.

Research has however disclosed common genetic differences that might increase one’s risk of high blood pressure. In addition, persons with obesity or an overweight being are also at the greater edge to having high blood pressure as when compared with normal weight persons, while lack of exercise on the other hand raises the risk for one to have high blood pressure. Owing to the fact that warnings to stay off smoking have repeatedly gained awareness, its causes your blood vessel to narrow, thus improving one life to the risk of getting diagnosed for high blood pressure.

Smoking further reduces the blood oxygen content and decreases the rate at which the heart as to pump.
While persons with high blood pressure might actually not experience any symptoms, once it has reached the range of about 180/110mmHg, it’s then advised one contact his or her medical experts immediately. Some of the symptoms one might experience or currently experience include, dizziness, headache, nausea, nosebleeds, irregular beating of the heart and also breathlessness. In children, the symptoms parent have to watch out for also include headache, fatigue, blurry vision, bleeding nose, stiffed facial muscles one side of their face. While in newly born children, which is quite rare they might experience seizure, irritations, distress in the respiratory, inability to thrive and lethargy.

However while contacting a doctor is primary, simple alterations in your diet can help lower blood pressure – this can be achieved through the addition of Vitamins to assist in facilitating a blood pressure to drop.

Vitamins for High Blood Pressure

Vitamin E

Among the many vitamins is a fat soluble vitamin naturally found in many foods and in fat and oils. It functions as antioxidants and helps protect your body from dangerous molecules called free radicals. While it is also important for proper use of vitamin K for making red blood cells, it is expected that adults get nothing less than 22.4 units of Vitamin E quantity daily – This is because research has also revealed that the intake or consumption of higher doses of Vitamin E can have a positive impacts on blood pressure.

Additionally, Vitamin E might impact the production of nitric oxide which actually enhances vasodilation through smooth muscle relaxation, helps to further decrease pressure on arteries and on veins. Taking Vitamin E also as the potential of reducing oxidative stress, help improve vascular function and help prevent hypertension. Vitamin E can be found in Spinach, Almonds, Sweet Potatoes, Avocado, Palm oil, Sunflower seeds, and Olive oil among others. Notably, it is advised you contact your doctor before taking any Vitamin E supplement.

Vitamin D

Lowering blood pressure can be achieved through taking Vitamin D food content or supplement. Many people who lack Vitamin D are vulnerable to having high blood pressure. The units of vitamin D are 6,000 units in every 24 hours, far more than the recommended 60-400 units per day. Hence, Vitamin D is very effective in lowering blood pressure, so take it more than ever as well.

B-Complex Vitamins

When you are emotionally stressed, taking B-Complex vitamins can help you relax more and once you are relaxed one tend to have a normal blood pressure. To this end, high blood pressure and B-Complex vitamins are connected. While its aid the boosting of nervous and immune systems, B-Complex has been recognized as an agent which support metabolism rate, helps skin and muscle healthy, assist in promoting the cell growth among others. There are however eight type of B-complex Vitamins that can be taken daily in order to lower your blood pressure, they includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. B7, B9 and B12. They are in fact among the best vitamins for high blood pressure, so take them more.


We all know that calcium helps strengthen your bones and teeth, but it actually have the potential and the many benefits to helping you maintain a healthy blood pressure. Its helps muscle contractions, relaxations, blood clotting as well as nerve transmission which are quite related to high blood pressure. It perfectly works better in pregnant women by lowering their high blood pressure. It can however been taken through Yogurt, cheese, sardines, green leaf and vegetables etc.

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