Tips on How to Donate to Charity with your Smartphone

donate charity with smartphone

Tips on How to Donate to Charity with your Smartphone

Smartphone and Charity

In this century, everyone is doing online shopping with e-commerce websites. Everything, whether it is online banking, online shopping, online reading, teaching, business or anything that is related to daily life routine, is now done through internet or smartphones. Just like all these aspects, making charity and donation is another thing that has been made easier. You would be thinking how to donate to charity with your smartphone? Well, you can now download smartphone applications and online web surfing resources in order to send money to whomever charity you want.

Selfless giving has hit record height nowadays. There is a 7% expansion from 2013, since a significant number of charities have entered the industry. Even, with increasing trend of using mobile platforms to access online shops, charities are, likewise, creating such platforms that encourage donors to play their roles in improving the living standards of others. You wouldn’t have to be concerned about paying visits to different charities for donations; instead, you can simply get their applications installed in your smartphone and donate with ease.

Charity using Mobile Technology

Technological advancements have made giving simpler. Nearly 20% of donations, through various installment strategies, were made on cell phones. You can be rest assured to get receipts of donations right away. The best part of having this facility is that donors can always have proofs of their giving along with acknowledgment from the charities. However, they have to incur extra expenditures on developing and maintaining mobile applications.
A few organizations and new applications have simplified the problem of how to donate to charity with your smartphone as they are introducing new and easily accessible resources to transfer whatever money you want. Here, what the management has to do is to keep check over how their applications are working and donors are satisfied with their performance or not. According to some complains, you would have to deal with some problems if the applications do not work properly. Some charities have reported significant losses in terms of confusion or trouble in handling the process.

Many Organizations have no Application Strategy

In spite of the significance of mobile applications, a part of non-profits still do not rely upon this facility. Numerous don’t have responsive sites that enable clients to get to a site through their cell phones effortlessly, which implies they still have to make efforts and drop donations to boxes placed for the purpose.
Today, people have become more tech savvy and are using mobile phones to reach various charities and show their support to certain causes.

How does mobile phone help making charity?

As a donor, your responsibility is to be sure about the platform where your money is going. Since technology is involved everywhere, charities have to pay attention on how they should be approaching donors and how to provide a better, user-friendly and safe platform to make donations. Here, the thing to remember is that the applications should be versatile and compatible with all gadgets. They should not restrict users from approaching their desired foundations in any way.
Application should support the website: Numerous foundations search for charity app ideas and choose an appropriate design for their help in order to convey messages and communicate with their supporters. You can easily figure out how to donate to charity with your smartphone as some foundations provide more incentives than the others and so, you can avail any of them as needed. Data management and selflessness should be the deciding factors that charities should make visible through their applications. Remember that there should be no difference between the website and mobile application. They must support one another in order to keep donors satisfied with their decision.

Short reviews about application: Just like other websites and applications, you should search for satisfactory reviews about different charities and always analyze their credibility to come up with the best one. Another thing is to make sure that the foundation should keep on checking their mobile applications, conduct surveys and upgrade with respect to prevailing needs.

Benefits for the charity organization:

Considering the significance and impact of going mobile, charities are able to enjoy the following incredible benefits:

Global reach: As global smartphone users are increasing day by day, they could be one of the best ways to approach donors globally. Charities can avail this opportunity by creating mobile applications and allow donors to break all limitations and make donations as they want. Sometimes, you may be interested to support charities working in devastated or deprived areas but can’t do so due to geographical limitations. Don’t think of it anymore as mobile phone apps are available to facilitate anywhere you are.

Freedom of donation: Obviously, no one would want to have people in surrounding, who keep on asking for donations. They don’t need any sort of interruption in their schedule as it may cause them to feel pressured. It’s where mobile applications come in and you can have various guides on how to donate to charity with your smartphone.

Tracking charity’s activities: Another amazing advantage of having charity’s mobile application is the ability to keep check over what they do and how they are utilizing the funds. This way, you can be rest assured about the transparency of funds and can see satisfactory results of whatever you have given.

Source of communication: Of course, you couldn’t keep on visiting the charity on your own. Apart from street canvassing and newspapers, mobile applications turn out to be the best source to remain in touch with the foundation and know everything about their activities, initiatives, plans and requirements.

Cost saving: Although app development needs a significant amount of money, charities are rest assured to derive benefits and save cost in the long run. Once they are developed, they can be 24/7 available for the users, thus ensuring good quality of communication and efficiency.

So, regardless of whether it is a small non-profit or big one, charities are always one of the most important parts of the society. Foundations change the lives of people in one way the other. They are responsible for providing better facilities, encouragement and support to improve their lifestyle and do something good for themselves.

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