Tips About Grape Seed Oil Dosage and its Precautions

grape seed oil dosage

Grape seeds are received as by-product from wine production and are crushed to extract oil. It is made up of Vitis Vinifera- wine grapes- rather than those commonly used by people. Grape seed oil is known for its pleasant taste, high smoking point and no odor that declare it ideal for cooking purposes. Whether used to cook or in salads, grape seed oil is capable of providing all nutrients and antioxidants needed by the body. Even better, the oil solves skin problems and heals scars and blemishes.

Tips About Grape Seed Oil Dosage and its Precautions

grape seed oil dosage1

Here, the worth considering fact is to keep in mind that people should maintain a favorable grape seed oil dosage because if they take higher amount, it would lead to some side effects that may go worse if not given attention. Since grape seed oil is a hypoallergenic oil, there are some precautionary measures that people should take care of. Some of them are:

  • If the skin gets itchy, inflamed or red after grape seed oil dosage, discontinue its use immediately or things may go worse.
  • Don’t avoid moisturizing the skin with grape seed oil. Since it can absorb properly, there wouldn’t be greasy-feel or if there is excess oil, simply pat with a tissue.
  • Remember the expiry date of grape seed oil and discontinue its application once it’s over. The ideal approach is to use it for cooking or salad dressings instead of discarding the whole bottle.
  • If the oil turns into a cloudy color or smells like a rancid, toss out immediately.
  • Avoid putting a finger into the bottle. It is recommended to take out a few drops as this way, the oil can remain safe from contamination from whatever is present on the hand.
  • If there is any difficulty to apply grape seed oil, use a cotton puff or q-tip to make it easy and effortless.
  • Be sure to place grape seed oil bottle away from heat, moisture or light. If placed in a cupboard, the bottle should be kept at the back where there are no chances to fall down

By following these tips and measures, people are rest assured to avoid a number of side effects that may cause harm on their skin. What most of the people do not realize is that ignoring minor problems may lead to serious issues that would need long term treatments and medications.

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