Support Needs Donors to Avoid Some Mistakes


Most of the people take it wrong to donate during holiday season. What they do not realize is that generosity and good deeds have no limitations. It just takes some good people with dedication to help others and things start to work in the way they want. So, the crucial step is to be sure about the available options that can help donors to send money to the right people at the right time.

Some individuals think that giving cannot spread as much happiness as receiving could- that’s actually not true! According to the recent study, generosity is the key to happiness and satisfaction, meaning that when people spend on others, they would have inner peace and comfort that their spending is going at the right place. Also, dedicating some time to good causes is another way to show support. Writing checks is an easy and less meaningful task because people don’t have interaction with needy people nor do they have knowledge about their problems.

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Another aspect that needs attention is people making mistakes while donating money. Although all donors are generous and want to support needy people, there are some considerations that need to be taken care of. Below are three most common errors that usually decrease the effectiveness and scope of such deeds.

Martyrdom Effect

In the race to be different and superior from others, people usually end up making the mistake to implement difficult forms of giving that involve a lot of efforts and sacrifice. They take on the ice-bucket challenge or run in marathons to show their support, without realizing that simple deeds can make a huge difference.

Other-Nothing Neglect

While analyzing trade-offs between generous and selfish individuals, the typical answer should be: receiving $15 and giving $35. Although it may look like a simple trade-off, people usually don’t pay much attention to this fact. Since they have limited mental bandwidth, very few people can actually estimate the opportunity cost of different alternatives.

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Unexpected Source of Happiness

There is a common perception that generosity needs sacrifice and hard work. Donors are only offering a good life to others, irrespective of what they would have to bear. That’s not true! In reality, the amount of happiness and satisfaction is immeasurable, meaning that no one could imagine such peace from anything else in the world. Their support and dedication is enough to let others feel special and an important part of the society.

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