Some Cheap Fundraising Ideas to Collect Money for a Good Purpose


It would become annoying when you don’t have enough funds for your organization to carry out certain charitable activities. Whether it’s about raising money for children or supporting a movement against domestic abuse, the approach is always to search for enough fundraisers or donors who have good hearts and are willing to help with whatever they want. If you want to get funds, it is very simple to walk on roads or parks and people would start to come forward and donate something for your organization. It is not necessary to always organize a huge event; instead, the approach should be to estimate the expenses that your organization could afford and how you would be going to utilize them.

Want to become a successful fundraiser? Don’t worry about how to get funds for your charity. There are a lot of interesting and cheap fundraising ideas that are sure to help you in raising money for non-profitable activities.

1. Health is Wealth

There are many people who want to lose or gain weight as it is necessary for a healthy life. So, transform this approach into an interesting activity and try to engage as many people as you can. Make a team of 2 members based on whether they want to lose or gain weight. After the team formation, take and note the weight of each person in a team before the event starts. Now, give them a time period of one or two months and note the weight of each person again after the given period, that whoever lost or gained weight.

As the weights start to show difference, reward the participants with €1 each as part of appreciation while encourage donors to play their roles by donating some money to carry on the cause in the future as well.

2. Craft Sale

Each and everything is included when it comes to fundraising. Craft sale is one of the cheap fundraising ideas that may allow you to organize the event at a small place. Yes, there is no need to search for a bigger one since the main aim is to sell the items instead of gathering people and keep them engaged.

Craft sale is basically the handmade picture sale, which is made by some creative artist who are looking for opportunities to show their skills and abilities. When any person comes to your stall, show them what type of items you have collected. May be they get impressed and buy something. Don’t worry, if you are not an artist.

If you want to get more funds for your organization, try to arrange some events in which, you offer artists to take tents on rent and sell their crafts or pictures. It is one of the best ways to raise funds for good purpose. But keep in mind, before arranging an event, do some promotion so that there would be more people in the craft sale.

3. Bake Sale

Bake sale is another from the list of cheap fundraising ideas. When it comes to the sale, it always helps in raising funds. Well, what does bake sale mean? A sale where people get baked things like cakes, croissants or cookies. It is not necessary that only young people get the chance to enjoy but old people can also find attractions as per their taste buds and preferences.

To get some more ideas, take help from friends and family. If you have cooking skills, then you can make whatever what you want and let your friends and neighbors to give it a try. May be by this act, you can get some baking orders and soon start a business.

4. Activity Workshop

If you are looking for some quick fundraising ideas, then this might help in raising funds for charity. Think and make some innovative ideas to organize entertaining and interesting activity workshops where you can show people how they could learn new things within a short time period.

Social media is really a strong medium in this regard as you can promote the event and let maximum people know what you are going to do in the activity workshop. Even, it would help you to gather a significant number of donors and participants who may be interested to play their roles in one way the other.

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5. Beverage Stand

A beverage stand can do much help in raising funds for your charity. When you are thinking to do it, the first thing is to find out from where to start this set-up. The best places are: beside a busy road or near a school or park.

There would be more money when you have large number of people around but, don’t forget to consider the weather condition and current season. To attract more people, make your stall decent and attractive. In the summer season, make a stand so that people can buy lemonade, snow cones or cold drinks while in winter, go for having the stands of hot tea, coffee or hot drinks.

6. Charity Sports

There are some sports that are charity based. If you want to organize such an event, allow people to get themselves registered by paying a certain amount. Encourage them to be the part of your noble cause along with having some entertainment. Remember that charity sports are among the cheap fundraising ideas that are responsible for keeping the participants engaged and entertained.

Participants have to dress according to the theme like a cartoon character so that they could participate with more enthusiasm and convince more people to do the same. Make sure you have something to give to position holders as their reward and also give something to their parents.

7. Cleaning Services

If you want to get more funds and have some time then try to do part time jobs like cleaning cars on busy roads in exchange of a small fee. Cleaning services don’t only include car cleaning but also you can work on the signboards, parking lots and many more but remember that they would be a bit dusty and handy jobs.

8. Fun Games

One of the cheap fundraising ideas is to arrange an event that consists of some exciting and rewarding games. Fun games include puzzling, guessing game and many more. This type of charity event is enjoyable for all age groups and you would be able to collect a significant amount of funds for sure.

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