Resveratrol for Skin

resveratrol for skin

The phytoalexin antioxidant commonly found in grapes, Resveratrol has been recognized to have therapeutic effects and chemo-preventive against numerous kinds of diseases to including skin disorder and infections. Research has proven the essential effect of resveratrol in fighting ultraviolent rays or radiation from sun to also including cancer of the skin. Due to the several skin conditions stems caused by ultraviolent rays and excess stress, the antioxidant found in red grapes has however appeared to be more promising in treating a very wide range of disorders and illness such as skin cancers and aging.

The skin which is known to be the largest organ of the human body, it is usually at the forefront line in defending the diseases from the body. Because of its great importance, any disease which compromises the skin in any way can be detrimental to overall health of the skin. While it is so significant and easily touched and seen, the skin is as well open to non-threatening illness that can later develop to become problems that can result one into been devastated. The several skin diseases and disorders have their complex processes responsible for their development, which can neither be due to environmental circumstance or due to genetic and heredity. However, exposing your skin to solar ultraviolent rays has become an important factor in the inception of the several skin disorders.

The ultraviolent rays tend to directly cause damages of DNA as well as begin a force of oxidative stress leading to irreversible damages to the cells. For these major effects, the resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant has been made available aimed at fighting the numerous illness that your skin might come in contact with. Resveratrol can also be described as antioxidant naturally found in fruit like grapes, peanuts, berries among others. The first finding on resveratrol was its quick effect on treating illness associated with cardio-vascular disease or heart diseases. The other research done on the powerful antioxidant is also it effect in treating and fighting against inflammation, cancer etc.

The human skin is made up primarily made up of three layers which are the dermis, the epidermis and the hypodermis. The hypodermis is described as the deepest part of the human skin which is mainly a place of assembly and storage of fats. The dermis is recognized to have large connective tissues of the skin as well as the hair follicles, sweat glands among others, while the major aim of the epidermis is to offer weather guide to protecting the human body. Majorly made up of Langerhans cells, Merkel, Melanocytes and Keratinocytes cells, the epidermis also provides water proof guide for the skin. Due to the large quantity of structures and cells within the skin, it is not surprising that a lot of diseases easily find it through to causing variety of skin disorder. Skin cancer has however been the most significant condition that needs aggressive approaches – resveratrol has been used to decreasing its effects.


Skin cancer has been estimated to affect one out of every seven persons, according to researches, making it a common cancer across many countries today. The exposure to rays and light skin colour has been accepted to be responsible for the developing the skin illness. The skin cancer can nevertheless be divided into Squamous cell carcinoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Also, there are three major types of ultraviolent rays; they include UVB, UVC and UVA. The UVA is referred as the lengthy wavelength that is responsible for the development of skin conditions to including aging of the skin and carcinogenesis. The UVC is regarded as the shortest wavelength while the UVB which is a middle range wavelength is termed as the major contributor to the development of cancer and also in other skin damages. The UVC also has the potential to play a significant role in mutagenesis by imparting damages on DNA. In several cases the major signs such as wrinkling, aging and dryness are usually caused by exposure to ultraviolent radiation. Other skin illnesses that can be a resultant of exposing your skin to the sun or ultraviolent rays include actinic keratosis. The Ultraviolent can equally cause oxidative stress in cells that are found in the skin. Resveratrol has still been found to have the abilities to protecting the skin against illness and diseases. It has been recognized to having a very low limited side effects and toxicity when used for any illness purposes.

The Bottom Line on Resveratrol for Skin

As previously stated, there are several situations that expose the human skin to numerous sicknesses and diseases. One the most common causes of skin problems if the sun radiation. The ultraviolet ray from the sun has a lot of damaging effect of the skin when the skin is exposed to it for long. In an attempt to find a lasting solution to the problems of the skin, medical scientist discovered the importance and benefits of the resveratrol for skin.

Resveratrol has a lot of sources which include the skin of red grapes, berries and peanuts. The steady consumption of these foods and fruits increases the level of resveratrol in the human body with a corresponding increase in the body’s ability to effectively fight and mitigate certain illnesses which include skin diseases. The use of resveratrol for skin related issues is a new and amazing discovery in the medical field that have really proven to be effective with little or no side effects, however, this depends on the nature if the body system of the person taking the resveratrol.

For adequate consumption and proper dosing, medical scientists have developed resveratrol into supplements to augment for its shortage in the body. These supplements are prepared in the form of pills to be taken periodically. The consumption of these supplement helps to make up for all the shortage in the amount of resveratrol we consume in our foods. However, the supplements are to be taken in dosage and in most cases, after meals. Therefore, for effective results when using the resveratrol supplements for skin, strict adherence to the dosage is very paramount.

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