Resveratrol Dosage for Hair Growth

resveratrol dosage for hair growth

With the frequency at which people, both men and women are losing hair rom their head and other body parts, it is certainly imperative to proffer strategies and means of improving the growth of hair. Hair growth connotes the processes and means of helping the hair to keep elongating and stretching out without breaking or falling off. Several remedies have been proffered for hair loss and for improving hair growth among these remedies is the resveratrol.
Resveratrol which is the name of a compound that belongs to the family of a group of higher compounds known as the polyphenols is rich and vital compound that is easily sourced in the skin of red grape fruits, peanuts as well as green tea. Resveratrol has over the years been accredited by many for the immense health benefits it offers.

Resveratrol can also be processed into supplement for consumption with numerous health benefits. Medical research has revealed that the health benefits of resveratrol include its ability to reduce the potential for hair loss and boost the hair growing process with longevity and strength. Hair loss occur for a couple of reasons which may include but not limited to stress, pregnancy, age, heredity and many other reasons that may be responsible for hair loss.

Resveratrol as a type of phytochemical that has been appraised by many people for its health benefits is a very vital compound for the maintenance of general well-being of the human body. Resveratrol serves as an antioxidant which is a very important compound that fights the presence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are a group of dangerous unstable molecules that roam freely in the body. Due to their unstable state, they always tend to bond with any available molecule they come in contact with. This makes them potentially dangerous to balanced molecules particularly oxygen molecules in the body with grave effects on the health of the human. Resveratrol also helps in fat burning process which is important for a fitted healthy body statue. The health benefits of resveratrol also include its ability to improve cardiovascular health through the enhancement of blood flow from the heart to every parts of the body.

The aforementioned benefits of resveratrol and lots more are pointers to the capacity and capability of the compound to improve hair growth by mitigating the chances of loss. Additionally, due to the antioxidant functions of the resveratrol, it has the ability to reduce the chances of aging in human body. This ability is also closely related to the reduction of hair loss and improvement of hair growth. This is because, hair loss is mostly related to age even though it is not entirely caused by age. Therefore it can be deduced that if resveratrol can slow down aging in the body and as agreed, hair loss is related to aging then resveratrol can slow down hair loss and improve hair growth through its antioxidant functions which in addition have a lot of other health benefits for the human body.

Furthermore, resveratrol have the ability to protect the skin from damage and aging as earlier opined. Since the hair follicle are located within the skin, it further corroborate the fact that resveratrol helps against aging for hair thereby preventing hair loss.

Benefits of Resveratrol

Though the benefits of resveratrol have been previously stated discussed, however, for clarity sake they are hereby outlined below:

  • Enhancement of cardiovascular health which in improves the overall health state of the whole body.
  • Mitigate the possible effect of age related issues which may include hair loss.
  • It also improves hair growth by reducing the effects of underlying body tissues which may be related to hair loss.
  • Resveratrol has anti-inflammatory functions that can fight the loss of hair through inflammation.
  • Resveratrol promotes the flow of blood to the hair follicle which is very vital for hair growth.
  • Improves the overall physical wellness through the improvement of the metabolic functions of the body.

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Resveratrol Intake

Resveratrol exist in varying degree in many food types that can be consumed daily without any negative effect on the health of the human. Some of the foods that are very rich in resveratrol include red grape fruit, peanuts, green tea, and dark chocolate as well as blue berries. These food types are healthy to be consumed frequently and constantly for improved health benefits. There is also the medically processed pills known as supplements that helps in boosting the level of resveratrol in the body.

These supplements unlike the foods that are rich in resveratrol are to be taken with caution as prescribed. There are different dosages that are prescribed for different health reasons. For the purpose of hair growth, it is recommended to take one capsule of the resveratrol supplement each day after good meals. However, this may vary with the age of the person taking the supplements as well as the weight of the person taking it.

There are also certain warnings for the intake of the resveratrol supplements which medically, are advised to be strictly adhered to for the realization of the desired objective. Also, adherence to the dosage of resveratrol is also a key part to be considered in the consumption of resveratrol supplements. These supplement when consumed and taken in the right proportion, they have the capability to boost the growth of hair, prevent hair loss and enhance the general well-being of the human health.

The Bottom Line on Resveratrol Dosage for Hair Growth

Resveratrol which is a health compound with numerous benefits and belonging to the family of polyphenols, have a lot of health impacts that make it a very necessary compound to be consumed regularly for improved wellness of the entire body.

Some of the identified health impacts and benefits of resveratrol include antioxidant functions, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging effects as well as enhancement of blood flow which helps the hair follicle.

Consuming a capsule of the resveratrol supplement per day helps the growth process of hair and boost general well-being of the entire body.

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