Resveratrol Benefits and Side Effects

benefits and side effects of resveratrol

Resveratrol is a compound that belongs to the group of compounds called polyphenols. Resveratrol have been known and appraised globally for its immense health benefits and importance to the human being. Resveratrol can be found in red grapes, blueberries and peanuts among other sources. The intake of resveratrol is significant and crucial to maintaining good health. For many years now this all amazing polyphenol compound has been used for the treatment and to cure several health issues. Eating resveratrol rich meals will ensure that the needed amount of resveratrol is present in the body to health the health through its numerous abilities.

In a bid to carter for the health needs of those that have deficiency in the resveratrol meals, medical scientist has prepared resveratrol into injectable pills. These pills, are scientifically modified to give the much needed amount of resveratrol to the body. The main reason why people have shortage of resveratrol is because they consume fewer amounts of resveratrol diets. With the busy nature of humans, it is very difficult to find how maintain taking resveratrol diet at all time. Consequently these supplements help us to cover that gap in the feeding of resveratrol
The intake of this supplement depends, on the dosage and the prescription that follows the medication. While some people have taken the resveratrol supplement erroneously with a view of getting a quicker boost have done that at their own detriment. Taking over dose of any medication is a very bad practice. However, as bad as over dose of any medication is so also is the under dose of medication. Relating this to resveratrol, even though it is a health and wellness supplement, it is very good and necessary that it is taken in the right amount and proportion.

Benefit as of Resveratrol

Even though some medical experts have opined that resveratrol is not good enough, there are evidences and proof to attest to the powerful and beneficial nature of the resveratrol. For many decades now, resveratrol has helped a lot of people out of some very unhealthy and negative situation in term of their health. Considering the way resveratrol has been used and have successfully mitigated some health challenges, it is difficult to deny the workability of the polyphenol compound. Beside the medical field, other industries particularly the fitness industries have also for many years utilised and leveraged on the benefits of resveratrol to give their customer the desired result.
Some of the benefits of resveratrol include the following:


This very deadly disease that is caused by the accumulation of sugar in the human blood system has for many years now been a real threat to many people and has even cost some persons their lives. The quest for a solution resulted into research in virtually every field of life. This research led to the discovery of resveratrol ‘s impact and benefits with respect to diabetes. Ti was found that resveratrol have the capacity to cure diabetes by activating the SIRT1 gene. This gene typically protects the body against obesity. Thus, the use of resveratrol has proven to be very effective and thus is highly recommended for diabetes treatment.


Cancer and skin

The use of resveratrol has not been found to have successfully cured conditions and sopped cancer but it has been discovered to significantly slow down the regeneration of cancerous cells by limiting the spread. It was even found to have been successful in killing of these cancerous cells, hence probably in the nearest future, resveratrol most likely will be effective in the treatment and permanent cure for cancer. Additionally, resveratrol helps the skin by strengthen the skin elasticity and helping the skin against conditions occasioned by the sun burn or ultraviolet radiation.



Resveratrol which is also seen as an antioxidant is very much helpful in the fight against foreign agents and invaders in the body. Antioxidants slow down and curb the effect of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are easily taken into the body through the food we eat or drinks or even the air we inhale, hence the free radical level of the body is often times very high in number. These free radicals always want to cause problems to the body by forming bonds with atoms of oxygen molecules. These bond formations leaves the other atom of the oxygen molecule free which in turn triggers a new reaction that has bad effect on the health of the human body. Antioxidants helps us to fight against these free radicals so that they do not cause damage to our body by providing the free radical an atom from its own molecule to bond with thereby forcing it to leave the useful molecules alone. Antioxidants also help in the process of aging reduction. The ability of the antioxidants to mitigate these free radicals also has effects on the physical body as much as it odes on the internal system. It helps to reduce wrinkles and sagging portions of the skin. Basically it does this by improving the ability of the skin to stretch and contract which is called the skin elasticity.
Brain function: resveratrol has a lot of benefits for the brain. Is helps in improving memory among other things. It also helps in curing memory loss particularly in older and aged people. It enhances their ability to remember.

Side Effects of Resveratrol

As it is common with all scientific medications, there are always side effects that are associated or have been reported about every medication or supplements. It is the same for resveratrol. There have been some reports about some little effects, however, all the reports that has so far been given about side effect of resveratrol has been mild instances with very little effects. It has even been noted and reshaped that even when resveratrol is taken in large amount it does not significantly affect the health of the person taking it. However, it is paramount to adhere to the instructions and prescription of the supplement.

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