Raising Money for Charities with Office Fundraising Ideas

office fundraising ideas

Are you asking yourself if fundraising ideas have to be professional or just having fun in the office is enough to do something good for the society? There are some innovative and imaginative ways of collecting funds that may be close to you yet they are ignored. If that’s the case, this article could be the best source to find out effective and great office fundraising ideas that are sure to respond in the way you have expected.

As you think whether to go professional or not while raising funds, just remember to have fun with your colleagues by challenging them to participate in certain games or be the part of your charity campaigns. However, you have to plan and organize your fundraising projects in advance in order to ensure that the whole concept could turn out as expected, without affecting the office work and its environment.

How to plan

ime is an important factor and it’s your responsibility to determine how long should it take. Should it be a one-day fundraising event or it can be extended up to the period of one week? For each activity or item to be sold, you have to determine and harmonize the price or fee per activity. Also confirm with vendors and suppliers if they can sponsor the items and make your efforts more successful.

Brainstorm for Ideas

When you are sure with the calendar of events and set date, inquire from your officemates if they have innovative ideas to make the day fun-filled. Make a list of feasible ideas, look around for activities that could help to attract a major portion of the community so that they can show good team spirit to do something worthy and beneficial.

Some Simple and Fun Fundraising Ideas

Below are some common yet fun office fundraising ideas that can make the event successful:

  • Spelling/Quiz contest-divide your officemate into groups, probably in five each, set an entry fee per quiz and announce that the winning team would receive a novelty like pens, cups, bangles etc as reward.
  • Organize an Auction-members should donate items, like sitting space, the most expensive space is reserved for the person who managed to sell it at the highest price as the money, so received, would get into the fundraising account.
  • Themed lunches-make the members to compete in the kitchen for cooking quick meals, like spaghetti, that is charged per head. Whoever cooks faster and tasty food, he/she would be given a present.
  • Treasure hunt-after hiding some novelties like pens, decide an entry fee for the treasure hunt and instruct your colleagues to search them all over the office- whoever finds the treasure would receive the reward.
  • Hoopla rings-participants are instructed to throw a coin in a hole; whoever manages to through inside the hole gets the prize.

Innovative ideas

Apart from working on these common ideas, you can also opt to search for creative quick fundraising ideas for office, without having to worry about if they would collect money because these ideas are already tried and tested ones:

  • Candle blowing- light the candles and divide members into groups. Ask them to compete blowing out the candle from a one-meter distance. The first group to blow out gets the present. You would get funds in the form of participant’s entry fee.
  • Photo competition-ask the participants to take photos of their colleagues and place them on a social website. The photo that contains more likes within the specific time would be the winner. Here, you can collect donations in the form of entry fee and other payments.
  • Rainbow matching- cut small pieces of colored papers and mix them together. Ask the members to arrange the colors according to how they appear of the rainbow. Whoever arranges successfully should receive the reward.
  • Drawing competition- ask the participants to buy a drawing board and pencil as an entry fee. Ask them to draw their favorite pet within an agreed time while closing their eyes and let the colleagues vote for the best-drawn pet.

Important tips

Following tips are essential after the fundraising exercise is over.

  • For the purpose of record and capture memories, always make sure that there is someone to take photos of every activity happening in the event. It is one of the important aspects in office fundraising ideas since you should have something to show your next generation so that they can follow the same path and play their role as part of the responsible citizen.
  • Send a thank you note or card to all participants as part of appreciation for their contributions.
  • Avoid the activities that are tailored to forcefully extract money from the participants. This may compromise trust and belief of the participants.
  • After the whole fundraising activity, all participants are tired so don’t forget to make arrangements for dinner. This would make them feel refreshed and cherished.
  • Let the members give a vote of thanks and account for the amount of money or items collected after the whole fundraising activity.

Key Aspects to Remember While Working on Office Fundraising Ideas

  •  When to set the event- Successful fundraising events are characterized by proper planning since it is a serious factor that controls and determines the outcome of an event. Do not set fundraising date when a member is ill or in a problem or when the company is busy trying to hit the target or down due to some financial problems.The time when all those negative factors are down, find a suitable date and execute the event.
  • Language- Use an appealing and attractive language after you have set the date for the fundraising event. The words used whether orally or in print media, like posters or flyers, should be easy to read for the audience. This way officemates would not forget the date and they would be physically and financially prepared for the day.
  • Reminders- Send your officemates reminding note so as to keep track of their attendance. This way, there wouldn’t be anyone who could miss the noble deed.
  • Team leaders- Arrange for a pre-fundraising event and select team leaders who would lead the event. They have to understand their roles in advance and how to carry out their tasks. This would make the day more successful.
  • Event allocation- Where the event would take place- whether within or outside the office? Location should be ideal for the activity. Plan and arrange all the activities to be accommodated within the office in order to avoid the cost of renting a place.
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