Questions to Ask When It’s Time to Sponsor a Child


Sponsoring a child is not just about paying for the expenses instead, it refers to providing a good lifestyle to those who were not having basic necessities of life. Sometimes, charities adopt different approach to sponsor a child and encourage donors to consider various aspects of how they would play their roles in making one’s life better. To do so, they should always ask some questions in order to make sure that things would turn out in the way they want.


How sponsorship money is utilized?

Charities pay special attention on designing effective sponsorship plans so that children can enjoy lasting change in their lives. They should decide on how and where the money would be spent. The thing to keep in mind is that 80% of the money is spent on child’s community whereas 20% is invested on search to find more sponsors and public education.

What sort of benefits do sponsorships provide to children?

Initially, the concept to sponsor a child was given back in 1970s when there was a need to provide children with new uniforms, books and equipment that were required to get education. Though, it has been found that children cannot perform well without their community and family support so, it’s necessary to make their community better so that they can derive long term benefits and enjoy sustainability along with productive agricultural programs, clean water, income generation schemes etc.

How to choose children for sponsorships?

Once things are finalized, it’s time to move ahead and search for a child who is in desperate need of sponsorship. Most of the time, it’s crucial to consider poor countries where, half of the population doesn’t have basic necessities and there are many children who need sponsorships.

How would the support make a difference?

Another benefit to sponsor a child is incredible results that donors would be able to see right after their donations. It’s amazingly rewarding to see improvement in living standard of the child where, he/she progresses with every passing year.

For how long the sponsorship lasts? What would happen with the child afterwards?

Normally, the sponsorship period depends upon donors because some of them want to complete their responsibilities within a short time period while some want to extend it as much as possible because things work for them in a different way.


Is it possible to visit the sponsored child?

Obviously, donors can visit their sponsored children whenever they want. This way, they would be in a better position to understand how to help the child and what it takes for them to be a benefit.

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