Proven Uses for Grapeseed Oil on the Skin

uses grapeseed oil skin

Grapeseed oil is among those few versatile options that are not only suitable for cooking and cosmetic purposes but, they tend to have a lot of significance for the skin and its problems. Apart from being effective for hair growth and strengthening, grapeseed oil has proved incredible results on treating different skin problems of which, five conditions are discussed below:

Uses for Grapeseed Oil on the Skin

Reduction of Scars and Wrinkles

Ever wondered how many creams or lotions have grapeseed oil as base? Surprisingly, almost 80% of the products use this oil as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin D that control fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevention and Healing Acne

Acne is one of the most problematic skin problems that may convert into scars over time. The uses for grapeseed oil state that polyphenols are the primary elements to heal acne as they have amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can stimulate the healing process while astringent properties are helpful in destroying bacteria that cause acne.

uses grapeseed oil skin

Control Stretch Marks

While talking about stretch marks, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. From sudden growth spurt in teens to significant weight loss or pregnancy, anything may cause these marks. When there are rapid changes in the skin, the connecting fibres of dermal layer start to tear, thus causing a layer of red lines that turn white or silver after some time. They look unpleasant and if not given attention, may improve a bit over time. In pregnant women, the treatment should start during pregnancy or after a few weeks of child’s birth as it’s the time when they are comparatively easy to remove. The uses for grapeseed oil are not hidden from anyone and therefore, its application on the stretch marks could be the best treatment as its elements actively work on decreasing them.

Dark Circles

Presence of dark circles under eyes means a dull and lifeless face that would give the feel of tiredness and boredom. Experts suggest to apply grapeseed oil around the eyes, instead of using branded lotions or creams because they may cause burning sensation. Since grapeseed oil is a natural item, there wouldn’t be harm or irritation to the eyes.


Whether grapeseed oil is applied on old or new scars, sooner or later they wouldn’t be gone. Yes, the oil possesses incredible healing properties that actively work on reducing scars, thus proving life-saving uses for grapeseed oil on the skin.

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