Local Donation is not About Money, It’s About Feeling Pain

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For majority of the population, it’s quite difficult to donate as big amount as Bill and Melinda Gates use to give. Every year, there comes a time when people receive a lot of emails or pleas for donation but due to their limited financials, they are left with feeling of dismayed because they are unable to write a big amount.

What people do not realize is that their small donations can also make a difference as long as they are utilized for good. According to a study done in 2015, it’s enough for average households to donate $2,000 or more to support any of their favorite causes. So, people do not have to be embarrassed if they are donating lesser than others.

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Below are some charitable ideas that can bring the best out of limited local donation.


When it comes to helping people, it’s a wonderful idea to finance expansion or starting small shops through micro-financing. It is an effective way to support marginalized and low-income individuals who are unable to enjoy financial facilities like loans or credit.

Here, the thing to keep in mind is that microloans are not tax deductible because it is expected that money would be paid back. This loan is not referred to as a gift and people can lend it to someone new after certain time period.

Purpose Shopping


During various festive occasions, people can avoid spending money on presents in order to do some sort of philanthropic double-duties. They can visit e-commerce websites with charitable purpose and make the most of their money not just in terms of items but also in spreading happiness, peace and love.


Sometimes, people are involved in local donation not because of having big names but, they are more affected by the cause- like, scholarship funding for local kids or helping poor in medical crisis.

There are a lot of charitable websites that create crowdfunding pages to support neighbors and friends all over the country. They are not limited to a single place because internet has created a lot of convenience for donors to send money and charities to utilize it. People can search for certain campaigns that have impact over their hearts because when they can feel pain, it would be easier to support. When money is donated to qualified nonprofits, people would be able to avail tax deduction. So, donors must rest assured that their money can make a difference no matter how small or big the amount is.


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