Learning Valuable Mobile Phone Etiquette Rules

mobile phone etiquette rules

Ever got annoyed with someone who keeps on using his/her mobile phone no matter what the place is? Ever thought of taking their phones and switch them off? Tired of being ignored from someone who is constantly talking? Don’t want anyone to spend the whole time on phone when you are out for a dinner? Had to hear what the other person is talking while sitting at the nearby table? Well, things should be changed and people must learn some etiquette to use their mobile phones.

Although mobile phones have become the essence of time, it’s necessary to keep everything under control and make sure that nobody is disturbed from its use. Apart from being an integral part and a life- turning device, mobile phones have turned out to be the most controversial as well. No doubt, everybody needs to own a model of his/her own choice. Though, their use differs from one person to the other, meaning that there is no certainty about how people are going to utilize the services. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that the problem isn’t with cell phones; instead, people are using them in the wrong way, which leads to the lack of respect and attention for others. So, how to avoid giving the same perception about yourself? What has to be done to ensure no one would get negative thoughts about using this gadget? The rule of thumb is to learn some mobile phone etiquette rules that are quite simple yet effective and positive.

Mobile Phone Etiquette Rules

1.Don’t Use at the Dinner Table

Yes, it’s extremely common to see everybody busy with their cell phones while sitting at the dinner table, especially when it is the person’s very first cell phone. It’s completely opposite to the table rules because they say that people should pay attention to each others’ activities and spend time with their loved ones, instead of using mobile phones. It is not only disrespectful for the dining partners but also for other diners. However, the call is necessary to attend, be sure to let the companions know about the purpose so that they do not perceive things on their own.

2. Don’t Talk When Paying the Purchases

Contrary to the belief that the cashier doesn’t have any concern with the phone call, people should avoid chatting or talking while they are at service. Yes, it may be a bit weird for some people but, it’s true that cashiers also need some of the attention. Unless it is an emergency call, be sure to follow this one of the important mobile phone etiquette rules on their face, especially while being at the coffee shop.

3. Don’t Shout While Talking

Sometimes, the signals are so weak that callers are hardly able to see each others’ voices. It’s when they have to shout and ask if they could hear now or not. According to the public experts, that’s not a good way to have conversation with someone, no matter how strong the relationship is. Ideally, they should call them back instead of allowing anyone to be privy in the conversation.

4. Follow Driving Rules and Don’t Talk

Mobile phone etiquette rules state that some things need to be done as they are suggested. People should not perform actions on their own, especially when everything has been explained already. Following the traffic rules, one of the important aspects is to avoid using mobile phones while driving; or else, things may go worse. For experts, it’s always a big ‘No’ since it may cost the drivers’ as well as others’ lives.

5. Avoid Sending Text in Work Meetings

No employee would like to see their bosses look at them with anger and frustration. But, what about those who remain busy with their mobile phones and keep on texting to whoever they want. Ever wondered how they would feel? Obviously, it’s employees’ responsibility to learn some mobile phone etiquette rules and make sure that their bosses can remain happy with their performance.

6. Switch off the Mobile Phone in Holy and Peaceful Places

Experts have cleared one thing that there is no exception to this rule because there are certain places that need phone users to turn off their gadgets. It would be odd to check and light up the mobile phone in the dark theatre when everybody is enjoying a movie. It doesn’t matter if the user is not doing anything with the phone, if it has lightened up, people would consider it a rude behavior.

7. Avoid Talking in the Waiting Room or Leave, if Necessary

Since waiting rooms are one of the noisy and crowded places, it would not be a good idea to use phone. Whether it’s about texting, talking or anything, if a person has to use, he/she should leave the room so that others are not disturbed with the actions.

8. Don’t Use Mobile Phones on Public Transportation

Public transportation is the name of rushing, exhaustion and stress due to which, people may be disturbed if someone is using a cell phone. They don’t want to hear anything more stressful nor are they interested in knowing what is going wrong with the people in their surroundings. They are just concerned about themselves and so, need some time to enjoy the moments.

9. Control Voice While Using Mobile Phone in Public

In continuation to avoid shouting in public, mobile phone users should also avoid talking at high voice because people are not interested to hear what others are talking about.

10. Don’t Break a Face-to-Face Conversation

Mobile phones have the ability to destroy interpersonal dealings, especially when a person has someone special in life. While talking to a person, it is bad manners not to pay attention to what he/she is saying and keep on using phone. It is one of the important mobile phone etiquette rules not to use the device when there is someone with them.

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