CareFoundation is working for the betterment of deprived portion of the society that always needs help and support from others. Our aim is to provide basic necessities of life and encourage others to play their roles. Charity is not only the way to improve quality of lifestyle of others but, it also gives self-satisfaction and sense of responsibility that most of the people are unable to understand.

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CareFoundation believes that when it’s about charity, location does not seem to be a big problem! Yes, it doesn’t matter where our donors are located if they want to do charity, they just have to let us know and send through a trusted source. Whether they want to send money, electronic items or clothes, all they have to do is to talk with our representatives, ask how to donate and find out a suitable medium to transfer. Like, if someone wants to donate money, they need to know about our international account number or online payment platforms through which, their donations can reach us safely. Other than that, they either have to select a suitable courier service or find out other charities that have collaborated with us.

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Working on our international aid facility, CareFoundation has also worked on encouraging donors to contribute as much as they can. So, what are you waiting for? Show us your support.

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