Interesting and Effective Fun Day Ideas for Charity

Arranging an event is the best and successful method to raise funds for your club, charity or some other social purposes. Mostly, you may have arranged black tie dinner or bake sale but you may have realized that such events couldn’t be successful to meet a high target due to which, it’s necessary to find some creative ideas that are sure to gather a significant amount of money. Below are some fun day ideas for charity that promise to make the event a big success. By these, you don’t only get donors but also there would be more organizers who may be interested to play their part.

1. Go wild & wet

Charities used to capitalize on the tradition of Boxing Day swims. The themes are usually concerned with a variety of princesses and pirates to Santa’s and angels. As the temperature of water is below freezing point, swimmers try their best to get thousands of pounds for their charities or clubs. There are also other events that could help you to get as much funds as you want. The approach should be to find out what donors like and how they would be interested to play their part in the campaign.

2. Creative Elements

From the past few years, street art has its own worth and it has become more popular in countries that are more active to collect funds for good deeds. You can also arrange street art event, which are also called paint jams, to let people show their creativity while working hard to improve the living standards of those who don’t have enough basic needs. By arranging these types of events, you would be able to give everyone the opportunity to artists to paint live. Raffle or auctions are also good to show off street art along with ensuring that enough money is collected for the charity.

3. Achievement of Goals

While you are playing a game of rugby, a football match or some other sort of sports, always try to arrange a charity match that could help you to bring people together so that you can contribute to collect more funds. Try to arrange matches in collaboration with celebrities. Arranging sports is another way to let show off their proficiency in the particular sport while helping others to learn expert skills and get expertise in the respective sports.

4. Get Indulge

There are so many people who love to walk and by that they also do collect funds for their charity but there are a few people who may want to sit at home and relax. You can use this idea and attract a large number of people by working on some fun day ideas for charity. Remember that entertainment is the primary thing people would notice and so, the approach should be to focus on some fundraising party ideas that could encourage more and more donors as well as participants to play their parts.

5. Hide & Find Clue

There are events like scavenger hunts and escape rooms that are getting popular over time due to the excitement and joy associated. Always prefer people to register in groups and then send them some typical tasks to complete. Declare the rewards for first, second and third winners to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about winning any of them. If you want to test someone’s brain, give some puzzling task and then you get to know, how much intelligent they are.

6. Betting Games

Another recommended option from fun day ideas for charity is to go for a betting gaming zone. If you want to make a gaming zone, borrow some LEDs, comfort zone and you would be able to make it. This way, you can manage to keep kids engaged and entertained throughout the event. You can also make it available for people for 24 hours. Make a sitting arrangement to let a group of gamers to play together and convince them to donate as much funds as they want. If you want to show your gamers live on social media, use websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Take-away: by making a gaming zone, you get significant funds for your charity and also it would help people to spend their spare time in doing their favorite things like gaming. If you provide them 24 hours facility, they would be interested to play at your place.

7. Tap into creature character

In London, more than 600 people wear gorilla costumes and walk on the streets in order to generate funds for rare animals like ape. This is really a unique method for raising funds; The London Great Gorilla Run is 5 miles (about 8 kilometer) apart from the centre of London, which involved some of the remarkable landmarks such as The Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Those who want to take part in this run have to pay £58, which is a registration fee and also their own gorilla costume, the more people engaged in this run the more the Gorilla Organization gets funds, which results in almost £100,000. Those who take part in Gorilla Run are be given medals. So, now that you know how effective this campaign is, you can think to do the same as well.

8. Eating Competition

There are a lot of eating competitions, in which food enthusiasts take part to show their love for food and declare themselves the best in eating. Every competition is dedicated to a particular item, normally burgers or pizzas because they are quite heavy and need a big stomach to claim the reward.

10. Request for March

Some charities are also dedicated to organizing unique march in which, they encourage participants to show their creativity and bring something new for the audience. They can create monsters, cartoon or anything as part of their costumes or march item in order to cater as much attention as they could.

There are a lot of other fun day ideas for charity that can allow charities to be rest assured about generating money for good. It’s just about finding out the right one.

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