How to Improve Joint Health in Dogs

dog joint health

Aging dogs are quite the most vulnerable ones that tend to experience joint problems. Just like the way its occurs in human being, the wear and tear of a life time can injure or put strains on their joints, which in turn results into joint problems. Due to this stain or injuries their cartilages tends to degrade and at the long run make their mobility quite difficult – i.e. the pain result can make dogs reluctant of moving from one place to another. As mentioned above, matured dogs are however the most prone to developing joint problems – this is because excessive weight places more pressure on their joints. The hip, elbows and knees of aging dogs are the most vulnerable spot for joint problem, and while they are stoical in nature, the signs might not even be noticed till a lot of damages have happened. Typical indicators for joint problems in dogs include the unwillingness to climb, dragging of self-up, trouble rising after sleep and reluctance to walk around.

Improving Your Dog’s Joint Health

Having explained that joint problem in matured dogs can be as a result of accumulated injuries experience from their puppies’ stage; Nutritional supplements, chondroitin sulphate and Glucosamine, Selenium, Antioxidants, Omega fatty acid, Natural remedies among other can help improve healthy joints in your dogs. These substances assist in reducing inflammation, help enhance the body’s ability to repair and also strengthen their joint tissues. While they are very much safe for consumption, the substances tend to work best in combination with several other kind of joint treatment.

Give Appropriate Nutrients:

Glucosamine – is a nutrient that assist in preventing a wear and tear situation in dogs, thus it can be consumed specifically for joint health, while it’s also recognized as a nutrient which help rebuild bones and reduces inflammation that occurs around dogs joints, Chondroitin, on the other hand repeatedly work in combination with glucosamine in order to help protect cartilage of the knees and bones.

Also, the intake of antioxidant can also help improve one’s dog joint health, this is because free radicals which are tiny and dangerous build up inflammation in the body, while they are unstable atoms that destroys cells and lead many dogs to death, antioxidants prevents cells from damage. Built up in the body like rust, free radical are actually the major causes of degenerative disease, antioxidant clears out the deposited rust in a dog, which actually make it one among the perfect way to improving joint health in dogs. Some of the foods that are highly contained with quality antioxidant for your dog’s include Astaxanthin, Turmeric, Herbs like (basil, oregano, parsley, cinnamon, ginger etc.), Berries which are high in (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Flavonoids, Lycopene and Beta-carotene) and Phytoplankton.

Another way to improve joint health in dogs is through adequate consumption of fats i.e. omega fatty acid. Fats should be recognized as one of the most important nutrient a dog would need, the intake of fat affects every cells in their body positively, and if they do not get the required fats needed, they at the long are prone to developing issues with their joints. Among the many fats nutrient, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats are both important for your dog, – due to the fact that they control their immune systems and hormone, specifically, the Omega 3 fatty acid reduces inflammations.

As dogs continue to age, it’s important to know that they lose muscle mass which in turn puts more pressure on their joint, but with light exercise and a healthy diets through intake of essential nutrient, creatine (formed in protein absorption) tends to benefits aging dogs with muscle loss. Creatine helps one’s dog to rebuild and repair muscles fiber in their resting state.

Treats Injuries Quickly & Enhance Regular Exercise:

A veterinarian would always suggest that it’s crucial to treat any detected injury earlier than late in order to reduce or avoid joint problems as your dog ages. Many dogs usually suffer from injuries caused by hit from cars, and once this happens and suspected in a dog through his/her walk, it’s then crucial to attend to it quickly for proper healing. Also, working with the vet to determine the best suitable exercise your dog might need can help improve their joint health. Daily but not strenuous movements are important – this assist them develop and maintain their range of motion, also help them in strengthening their muscles, tendons and ligaments. Notably, the best suitable type of exercise varies depending on your dog joint health, for some dogs daily walk as routine will help while other some others might be needing aqua jogging or therapy to limit the pressure on their joints.

Precisely, maintaining or keeping one’s dog fit and not fat can help improve his/her joint health – this can be accomplished through feeding your dogs the right quantity of highly quality foods. Additionally, well-ordered exercise is a must – this actually requires dog owners to carefully monitor their dogs while they play, run or walk. Advisably, the provision for a soft surface for their activity would best improve their joint health and recommendations given by their veterinarian on how to improve their joint health can equally help. Also, massages by professional animal therapist can also help increase one’s dog flexibility, circulation and enhances healthy joints.

Bottom Line on How to Improve Joint Health in Dogs

Joints problem as largely explained above develops as a result of accumulated injuries, excessive exercise, high jump and running too strenuous before your puppy joints and bones are strong enough can at the long be disastrous. Hence supervise your puppy exercise and play. While matured dogs also hurt them by running on sofa and on bed, it’s imperative that a dog owner make it simpler for their dogs to do what they love doing best with the avoidance of injuries. You can provide for your dog’s ramp – this will assist them in them getting in and out of cars without having to jump.

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