4 Ways of How to get rid of Old Cell phones and Chargers?

how to get rid of cell phones and chargers

With new gadgets showing up every other day, old mobile phones are unable to sustain the same level of attention that had been given a couple of years ago. There comes a time when users think of discarding or upgrading to new ones while search for the answer of the question: how to get rid of old cell phones and chargers? It’s quite common to see drawers full of tangled cords, useless batteries and the likes that are not useable anymore. But, one thing is sure that people would have to deal with them one day.

There are tons of things and ways discussing how to get rid of old cell phones and chargers. Rather than throwing them into the landfills, they can be effectively reused in one way the other. Here, what most of the mobile phone users do not realize is the fact that old phones still hold the ability to earn back some cash, which is obviously not as significant as they may think. As a matter of fact, up to 80% of the mobile phone metals and plastics can be reused and converted into significant items, particularly, memory and circuit sheets.

4 Ways of How to Get Rid of Mobile Phones

There are some worth considering ways of disposing your old cellphones without damaging the environment.

Start Recycling Old Cellphones

After using a mobile phone for some time now, it’s necessary to upgrade to a new one. But, how to get rid of old cell phones and chargers? That thing has no esteem left and the battery likely won’t hold quite a bit of charging. What to do in such situation? The best option is to give it for recycling and prefer any of the following methods:

  • Local recycling: Realizing the health hazards of disposing old mobile phones, the idea should be to visit a local recycler and let them deal with it like other mobile phones. Numerous hardware recycling centers ask for money to receive them while there are some places that do the same job for free. It appears to be quite odd that they would charge people because they just have to approach a local recycler who is ready to purchase old mobile phones and get them recycled to save the environment.
  • Online or physical electronic store: Stores like e-commerce websites, often have separate collection boxes for such items that people want to discard from their homes. So, whenever you want to dispose of the old mobile phone, it’s recommended to do the same.
  • Contact new phone supplier: Inside the case of many new cell phones, there is a prepaid envelope that enables people to send their old phones without incurring any sort of expense. Ask the respective service provider to check whether they would take old cell phones when you purchase a new one.

Donate the Old Cellphones

Based on negative environmental impact of mobile phones, another consideration to dispose of old gadgets is to find someone who is in desperate need. A poor family could put new life to the old phone, irrespective of whether it has all the new highlights or not. In addition to how to get rid of old cell phones and chargers, numerous thrift stores could be visited as they are usually working with charitable organizations to fulfill the needs of deprived people.

All you have to do is to pick your preferred charity who is looking for electronic gadgets and may happily take any type of mobile phone. Not only do they allow people to use them but also go for re-selling in order to generate more cash. There are actually quite a lot of ways they could adopt to make the most of something that is useless from you. Numerous foundations would take the cellphones regardless of whether they would work again or not because they can even take out different materials and parts to derive benefits accordingly.

donate cell phones

Sell the Old Cellphones

Third most effective way to get rid of old cellphones is to sell to the companies, who are always willing to have them. If it’s in good condition and its model is a famous one, you may have the capacity to approach potential buyers in one way the other. You can, likewise, offer your mobile phone to an appropriate service provider. Despite the fact that you have a usable mobile phone, you might have the capacity to discover a purchaser within a short time period by approaching a hardware exchange, or deal website. Also, you can connect with a suitable charity that solves the riddle of how to get rid of old cell phones and chargers.

Give to Training Centers

Gadget training programs could be another useful place to send old cell phones. You can contact the teacher to check whether they are accepting such donations now and what sorts of things they usually need. Try not to dump parts outside a hardware store or training office because they would have to bear the cost of discarding them, if things don’t work in the way they have to. Ideally, you should check their usability before donating to a training center.

Without a doubt, somewhere in the range of 77 million cell phones are lying around unused in different areas that are responsible to contaminating more than three trillion liters of water. Be that as it may, what would it be advisable for you to do with your old mobile phone? Choices are actually endless, you just have to think of how to make the most of your old phone and still allow it to yield benefits.

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