How to Find Out if a Charity is Legitimate?

How to Find Out if a Charity is Legitimate?

How to Find Out if a Charity is Legitimate?  Charity or Scam?

There are still a lot of people who are kindhearted and soft in nature. They have feelings and affection for poor and needy people and they want to help them in whatever way they can. Normally, they approach different charitable organizations who are dedicated to work for such people. However, the thing to remember is that every charity works on different causes and people have to figure out which one to get associated with.

Signs of a Charity Scam

Nowadays, charities and non-profit organizations work on word-of-mouth or approach prospective donors through kind emails, websites, social media platforms and mobile phones in order to spread awareness and let them know about their initiatives. Since they work for the society, they always need help from the other part of the society in order to plan and arrange things accordingly. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that donors should have to find out if a charity is legitimate or not because some charities are only operating to collect money from others for their own benefits. They are not concerned about what people expect from them. They use to do everything that could turn everything to their favor and give results as they want. The key is to avoid such charities that have the following concerning aspects:

  • Name looks similar to a famous and trusted foundation that has been working since years and tends to have good market reputation.
  • Sends representatives to collect donated amount and other items right after they are declared.
  • Uses influential strategies to donate immediately like sending collection vans to different areas.
  • Not willing to provide details of their purpose of existence, mission and how they use to utilize donations from the society.
  • Always asks for money and suggest to directly deposit in the account.

What to do?

It’s good to do charity and donate money to those who severely need it. But what to do when it’s the right time to execute the plan? Before making charity to any organization, donors should have to find out if a charity is legitimate or not and their money would be going where it is needed the most. Yes, it’s necessary because it’s quite common to hear charity scams around the world. Second, must research about the organization to be chosen in order to make sure that the donation given is going to the desired destination or not.

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Charity Checklist

Avoid potential risk to ensure that donations benefit the population and allow the charities to execute their plans efficiently. Now, the question is how do you find a good charity that the charity is working on the right cause and how to find out if a charity is legitimate or not? Well, here is the checklist to take into account:

  • Call the charity centers. See whether the organizations know about the right direction and are efficiently reflecting what their names say. The organization’s staff must also have the capacity to help.
  • Ask for details about the charity, including address, name, phone number etc.
  • Focus on giving annual gifts and choose which causes to support and which charities to go with.
  • Make sure that the charity’s name is original and if needed, do some research. Ideally, choose internet as the research medium.
  • Try not to give ledger number, credit card or cheque number or anything until the charity is investigated completely.
  • Never send money as wire cash because most charity scams happen through this.

Check for Non-Profit Organization

It can be hard to decide whether a non-profit organization is trusted or not because it’s not something that people could easily figure out. With the help of available data, it’s quite easy to find out if a charity is legitimate and it would be good to donate to them or not. The rule of thumb is to follow word-of-mouth or ask for referrals so that there would be nothing wrong with the decision.

The charity should also explain the cost of all projects so that donors are rest assured to see efficient utilization of their donations. When they are sure about how things would proceed, they would be able to donate more than before.

Tips for researching Donors

Giving to charity is an honorable activity but as part of donors, it’s necessary to find out if the charity is legitimate. They can go for a thorough research, after shortlisting two or three charities that may seem trusted and efficient. Checking the organization and applying practical insight would help donors to show their support to the society. There are some tips for donors that help them to find out if a charity is legitimate.

  • Keep in mind that charities have numerous expenses to bear and they solely depend upon donations to avoid disturbance in their plans. If an organization assures to send all money to need people, don’t believe in their claims because a certain part is always spent on those expenditures.
  • Always make donations as per the requirements of the chairites. Yes, donors are suggested to create enough ground to ascertain that they are giving donations to the trusted foundation who would always utilize them efficiently.
  • If all else fails, consider giving donations in the form of clothes, food items, books, electronics or anything that could help them in moving forward to improve their living standards.
  • Avoid giving credit card number via phone or to a charity organization that asks for money donations.

With the help of these tips, it would be quite easy for charities to find appropriate donors who do not only promise to donate but actually do so. Since non-profits rely on this kind of financing, they need to have trusted and legitimate sources- whether they are individuals, businesses or anyone.

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