How to Collect Money with Last Minute Fundraising Ideas?

last minute fundraising ideas

At the end of every year, many organizations carry out campaigns to collect more funds than they used to do throughout the year. Majority of the campaigns are aimed at marketing the organizations. Only a few are meant to benefit the community. Some organizations use this opportunity to plan on how to improve their financial status by searching for last minute fundraising ideas. It has been discovered that during this time, fundraising is usually quite fruitful since there are numerous donors who are interested to give donations as compared to the mid-year period.

At the end of the year, charities usually come out with most useful and influencing campaigns in order to attract more and more donors. Just like #GivingTuesday, there are numerous events that have made record collections and new foundations are trying to copy this trend by searching for better last minute fundraising ideas in order to do something better for the society.

1. Online Challenge Gift

This is one of the last minute fundraising ideas that enable you to raise money easily using the internet. You achieve this by gaining popularity on the web. As you do this, donors get impressed with your efforts and start following as someone with great vision. They would influence them to invest in your idea for they know it’s intended for the betterment of the society. It is very easy to sponsor someone that has a vision and has already started exploring as compared to someone who is working on a business idea and waiting for an opportunity to come. You need to have a dream, plan on how to explore to make it big then start exploring. Once you have made a technical move, you can look for donors.

What to Do?

• Find a Person Who is Willing to Take on the Challenge
When having very limited time, you need to find a relative donor, someone who is closely related to your organization. A good example is a board member. The ideal person should be having some arrears with your organization, probably someone who missed the previous contribution or a person who pleaded to bring his/her contribution but didn’t make it yet. This would act as your paperwork and help you to push the person for making donations.

• Promote
You need to advertise campaigns with some effective and last minute fundraising ideas. Social media can be the best platform to do so. You can also do this by sending emails to individuals as well as groups in order to let them know about the event. You also need to indicate the urgency of your fundraising as well as your target.

• Measure
While looking for quick fundraising ideas, always use an online thermometer to show people your target. You should not assume that all people, you are dealing with, are good at mathematics. Do not
put their percentages and expect them to do calculations. Yes, you have to indicate the percentages for they are relevant to your contribution as well as making your proposal successful. Always be sure about last minute fundraising ideas so that results are guaranteed and everything would turn out as it is expected.

2. In-Kind Drive

People are always willing to help and make sure that you prosper in everything that you do. However, they fear if their donations are going at the right place or not. However, fear should not be your hindrance to success. You need to be determined about what you want to do and try to make donors satisfied with your credibility and words. Communication is the most important and significant tool in this regard. That is the only key point you need to keep in mind for all last minute fundraising ideas.

Once you have communicated what you need and what you might not, your donors would come up with the best way to facilitate everything and make your fundraising a success.

What to Do

• Make a Wish List
You need to prepare a list of things you might need. Conduct a research of where the items could be found. Categorize them and separate what can be bought online and what can only be bought from local stores. This would enable your supporters to add the requirements to their lists and buy them accordingly. In case you need something that people have in their homes, it would be easy for them to bring those things as well.

• Outreach
You now need to spread the words. Let people know what is in your mind by sending messages or emails to them. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media platforms.

• Show Love
While spreading messages to your donors, do not forget to tell them to come with more people or donors who are interested to be the part of the event. This would help you to meet your target more quickly than usual.

3. Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are one of the last minute fundraising ideas that can help you to collect a significant amount of money. You definitely need these cards to win your donors’ trust. You can send cards every holiday just to check on them. This would boost your profile and help to build a good reputation in front of them. Once you decide to have a fundraising, you will be having a good profile and they will definitely want to help you.

What to Do

• Create a List
You need to clearly understand what you want and who is going to help you achieve it. Donors, you land on, should be those who are in your circle and would be willing to help you. Do not struggle to go to very high profile people who are not even aware of your existence.

• Personalize
Avoid plagiarized messages like, ‘happy holiday’. You need to come up with an original content that would make them feel about your originality and credibility.

• Follow Up
After you have sent the cards, you need to keep in touch with your donors to remind them of the event.

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