CareFoundation is not just a charitable foundation where people can donate instead, you can also get involved in the noble cause to play their roles. Being an organization for needy, CareFoundation welcomes volunteers and donations other than money that can help us in achieving our goals. People can show their support in whatever way they want.

CareFoundation takes different initiatives, introduces different methods of fundraising and always needs assistance and support from public because we are a non-profit organization and can never get successful without your help. So now, you would think about how you could help? Well, don’t bother to think a lot. Let us simplify your task.

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Direct Contribution

We believe that there are two ways to donate for humanity. First one is direct contribution through which, you can send donations directly without taking help from anyone else. Don’t think that you can only donate with money, we actually encourage you to contribute in any other way because money is not the only way to serve needy!


For us, volunteering is one of the best ways to help us in our initiatives. We organize different events and charity programs for which, we always need helping hands. If you are unable to donate with money, don’t regret just give us your services.


In-Kind Donation

You can also donate anything from clothes to electronic items as they can also allow us to give a better lifestyle to deprived and poor people. Volunteers can even sponsor a child based on his/her talent and need.

Indirect Contribution

CareFoundation understands that not every person can approach or send donations directly to us. In such situation, we encourage them to send charity through an intermediary whom they trust.

CareFoundation doesn’t consider what and how much you have donated. We appreciate every single penny that is donated to us because nothing would go in vain when it is given with good intentions. The best thing about donation is that it shows you can feel the pain and problems of poor people and have the heart to help them.

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