Are you looking for a platform to serve humanity?

Do you want to get associated with a charitable organization that can help you in finding different ways to donate?

Have passion to dedicate your time for the betterment of the society and play your role in kids charity?


If yes, then CareFoundation is where your passion will turn into reality.


Whether it is about giving shelter, providing education or giving new means to live in the world, CareFoundation welcomes volunteers to come and join hands in the noble cause. We work selflessly and without discrimination that allow us to do something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what sort of help people need, if it’s about humanity, we are always there!

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As the name suggests, CareFoundation pays attention to people’s requests and try our level best to support them in getting back happiness to their lives. However, we need help from the society not just in terms of money but, people can help us in different ways- they can volunteer their services, sponsor our welfare events, help us in arranging resources for needy at different places or anything else that can benefit needy people.

CareFoundation takes care of all the legal aspects that might affect their activities. We understand that there are 4 principal divisions. We offer healthy and appropriate conditions to live in, provide quality education as part of our aid for children program, allow patients to avail medical treatments along with setting up emergency camps at disastrous areas and play active roles in various societal programs/events.

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Our Vision

“To improve quality of lifestyle and encourage deprived people to live with self-worth and dignity. Our goal is to serve humanity, without considering race, language or color.”

Our Mission

“To encourage society to realize their role and work for the society.”

Our Values

  • Integrity: Our volunteers are trained and instructed to treat people with honesty, kindness and empathy.
  • Excellence: We ensure excellence and satisfaction not just in our words but also in our actions, knowledge and thinking.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for every activity or cause we initiate. Donors can ask us about the utilization of their money as well!
  • Creativity: Our volunteers always try to give innovative solutions to improve society’s norms and values.
  • Purpose: For us, every person has his/her own purpose of existence- we just try to help them in exploring it.

People can trust us with their money and we will show the best results of their support. That’s our promise!

Donate your old smartphone to our charity.

Donate the value of your smartmobil to care foundation.

We care.

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Thank you for your support!

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It has given hope again.

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We got the health from your community.

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Restart my life, went back to work the best of Care foundation.

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We are gratefull, plan the future with you.

Harry Wembley

Charitable Organizations- A New Way to Hope

When people don’t have basic necessities in life, they start to lose hope and end up with making wrong decision. They become victim of different bad habits- whether it’s smoking, drugs or human trafficking that leads to life-long consequences. The role of charitable organizations is not only to fulfill their needs but, they must also design campaigns in such a way that they can give new hope to deprived people so that they can struggle to make their lives better.

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The key is to motivate them by giving new skills and expertise as nothing could be a better way to hope than having the ability to spend life with respect. Not only should charitable organizations help the needy people but, individuals/communities can also take steps on their own and work in their own capacity. The rule of thumb is to find out some life-changing ways that can bring new hopes into their lives.

On the mission to convert hopelessness into hope, there are three important things that can change the entire scenario. All the organizations/individuals have to do is to understand their significance, design effective plans and make sure their proper execution.

Developing Spirituality

Spirituality refers to the belief in a limitless and highest power than has the ability to make impossible things possible. When people start to believe in the power, they would explore that nothing is impossible in this world as long as they believe in that power and make efforts. With this shift, they can gain fortitude and confidence to deal with any sort of hurdle on their way.

Here, the role of charitable organizations is to find out some activities that can help them in this spiritual growth goal. They can organize events focusing on:

  • Prayers
  • Meditation
  • Joining hands with like-minded people
    Reading inspirational/spiritual literature
  • Interaction with the nature

Overcome Negativity

After converting to spirituality, it would be quite easier for individuals to overcome negativity inside them. Their negative thoughts are completely justified because they have been through a lot and it’s quite natural to see things from an opposite angle. Charitable organizations must make sure that they do proper counseling of such people and follow some crucial steps to reduce their negativity:

  • Practice positive expectations, meaning that the organizations should teach that nothing is impossible. People just have to see things differently in order to find the best solution.
  • Make them believe that whatever s happening, it’s going to pay off soon and there is something more worthwhile in the future.
  • Make them realize the blessings and how to be thankful for them.

Accept Failure

When people don’t succeed in their lives, they become disappointed and hopeless with everything that happens. Charitable organizations should find an effective way to hope and make them realize that every failure brings success and prosperity- they just have to be patient and wait for the right time.

How to Prove the Claim “We Care”?

When people are associated with each other, they need to show care and affection. The only way to improve their relationship is to prove concern, interest and attention that make them more empathic and self-absorbed.

Sometimes, it’s the situation that initiates automatic response, like when they see some injured or hear any depressing news that is of relevance. They usually claim “we care about people a lot” but, no one would believe until they do something kind. People normally show their concern when something hits their heart and it’s not the situation that makes them realize things but it’s their heart that responds to every situation in a different manner. Sometimes, they are depressed while, there comes a time when they are happy and relaxed. It’s just a matter of time and realization.

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Charities also work on the same principle where, they gather some kind-hearted people at one place and encourage them to show their love and affection for the needy people. Their aim is to make people realize the role and contribution towards the society and its betterment.

What else do people need to consider in order to show their concern and care? Here are some things to do:

  • As a parent, people should take good care of their children and teach ethics so that they can become a better person. Giving them education is not the only way to brighten their future. When parents claim “we care,” it should involve more than just education. They should encourage them to work for others and teach them how to feel others’ pain right from the beginning.
  • Adults and old people also need a lot of care because they have already been through a lot and are at the stage where, they need others’ attention and care. Charities are not the only option to give them a place to live comfortably. They need attention of those who can feel their pain and actually understand how to treat them.
  • Sometimes, people cannot donate money and time due to some reasons but, they still want to work for the society. For such people, it’s ideal to show their concern by donating clothes or other necessary items.

Other than that, people can find more ways to show their care and let needy people know that they are not unwanted anymore. There are people who still care for them and they do not have to worry about someone who don’t even want to know how and where they are living.

Limited Liability in Charitable Organizations

Just like profit organizations, non-profit/charitable organizations have legal existence and are usually operated and controlled separately. The major distinction between the two organization forms is that charities do not intend to make profit instead, they strive to work for the society with the help of the society. However, these organizations have to work with limited liability as per legal terms and conditions.

Limited Liability

Limited liability refers to a relationship created by law between the entity and its operators. For a charity, limited liability is between the charity and its trustees or board of directors. The board members or trustees are free from personal liability to settle debts and other obligations of the charity, meaning that if there is any debt or liability, the assets of the charity would be used.

Limits in Limited Liability

Just like other liabilities, there are some exceptions in limited liability as well. The board members or trustees might have no limited liability in a variety of situations, like when trustees go beyond the limitations and cause personal injury to someone or when trustees mix personal funds with nonprofit funds. So, it is necessary for the trustees or board members to abide by relevant rules and regulations.

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Explained Through an Example

CareFoundation is a charitable organization that encourages people to donate in the form of money and other items for the betterment of the society. Now assume that CareFoundation receives a loan for an individual/institution to own a warehouse or any other property but, it defaults on the lent amount. The lender may ask the charity to pay-off the loan but couldn’t claim the personal assets of the board members or trustees. One of the trustees has guaranteed a certain amount in the total and therefore, he/she is personally liable pay-off that amount.

Charity Should be a Nonprofit Corporation

A worth mentioning fact is that not every charity possesses limited liability because it is usually granted to charities that are registered as nonprofits. If the charity is operated by few individuals who do not abide by the formal regulations of nonprofit corporation, they cannot afford limited liability. They should maintain their operations as per Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the respective state laws. This way, they can work in a better way and serve a significant portion of the society. Also, more and more people would respond to their requests and give their donations.

Give Donation And Enjoy Incredible Benefits

Charity or donation has always been a significant part of the society as it works for the needy or deprived people. There are many non-profit organizations whose main objective is to encourage people to live a better life. Their aim is not only to provide incentives but, they are also responsible for ensuring satisfactory results.

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Charity also has benefits for donors that are not in monetary terms. It has the ability to change a person no matter what and how he/she is. According to the experts, there are some significant benefits of charity that can change a person’s life forever. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Gives pleasure: When people donate money for good, they get an incredible feel that makes them satisfied and happy with their decision. Since charity is a person’s own choice, he/she would be able to get its return in the form of pleasure and peace of mind that has no value anywhere in the world.
  • Helping others in need: Charity allows people to help others whenever they are in need. Sometimes, individuals can find needy people on their own while most of the time, they approach a charitable organization as they work at a larger scale and have knowledge about how to handle a certain situation.
  • Tax deduction: When people donate to IRS-registered charities, they get a facility to write-off their tax returns. All they have to do is to follow some restrictions and make sure that they adhere to them.
  • Meaning to life: Donating money to charities means that there are greater chances to meet new people who support the same cause. This way, people can bring in meaning to their lives and have a direction on how they are supposed to proceed with it.
  • Generosity in children: When children see their parents involved in charity work, they would get motivation and even take interest to show their support. This does not only make them a better person but, they are also able to do something big in the future.
  • Realization that even small things pay-off: Charity doesn’t mean that people have to donate a big amount instead, it encourages individuals to donate as much as they can, whether they have $100 or $10,000.
  • Improve money management: Giving monthly donations means that people have to maintain a certain level of their finances in order to make sure that they do not fall behind or default from donation.

Our Mission

CareFoundation is established with an aim to serve the deprived part of the society. Our mission is to find new ways and opportunities for needy people to get motivation so that they can do something to improve the quality of their lifestyle. As our mission statement says:

“To encourage society to realize their role and work for the society”

CareFoundation strives to bring awareness and realization among people that their responsibilities are not limited to their families and loved ones but, they also have some duties for the society and its people. Whether they can contribute with money or anything else, we just want them to make things right for the society.

Everybody has the right to live a happy, comfortable and satisfied life, so why don’t help those who cannot afford it? Of course, it’s our responsibility to hold their hands and bring them back to their lives where, they can live with respect, honesty and harmony. To do so, we always need your help so, don’t think about what you would receive in return. Just think selflessly and find peace within yourself!

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