Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins

vitamins for hair loss

Hair loss has become an issue that is common with both males and females and has been a major source of concern. Hair loss which entails the loss of hair from some parts of the body typically the head, is sometimes referred to as baldness. The degree of hair loss depends on various causes as well as the person involved, hair loss can be seen in just a little part of the body or in some severe cases, the entire body. Studies have revealed that hair loss, particularly in the head is most prominent among males than females basically due to the baldness pattern of the male head. However, hair loss also occurs in women and these are all caused by different reasons.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are several factors that have been discovered to be responsible for hair loss in different people. Some of these reasons are subsequently enumerated below:

  • Stress: The human hair has been found to have a three phase life cycle which includes the growth, rest and shedding phases. These life cycles all have a timeline that separates them, however, when the body is exposed to some sort of stress and shocks, it causes the hair to jump phases and skip the normal timeline thus, making the hair fall off the head or any other part of the body faster than when it was supposed to. There are several types of stress and shock that can cause this type of hair loss such as accidents, prolonged lack of proper rest and many other associated stress causing activities often shocks the hair into jumping its usual life cycle and falling off unduly.
  • Pregnancy: This is one the common causes of hair loss in women. This type of hair loss is occasioned by the stress the pregnancy exerts on the woman’s body as well as the hormonal changes that is occurring in her body system while she is pregnant. However, this type of hair loss occurs when the woman has given birth to the child rather than when she is still pregnant.
  • Excess of vitamin A: It has been scientifically proven that the consumption of too much vitamin A supplements has adverse effects on the human hair and causes hair loss. It is recommended that the daily allowed dose of vitamin A content in a supplement for an adult should be about 5000UI wile for children particularly from the age of four should be about 2,500 – 10,000UI. Any consumption higher than this rate is termed overdose for the human body and often results in hair loss.
  • Protein deficiency: Protein is often called a body building nutrient and as such, it is a very crucial nutrient to the human body. Hence, any shortage in the body protein level will cause the body system to automatically seek for ways of augmenting for the shortage. This, is most cases is achieved by shutting down the hair growth process so that the supposed protein for growing the hair will be converted into use by the body. This hair growth shutting down process leads to hair loss.
  • Male pattern: This type of hair loss called the male pattern hair loss is common among males and usually takes effect from a certain age mostly at age 60 and beyond however, in some cases for some hormonal reasons, this can occur at an earlier age in males. This primarily occurs due to some hormonal or genetic reasons in males.
  • Shortage of vitamin B level: Vitamins are very critical in the human body growth and development system. Vitamin B which is the compound name for a variety of vitamins known as the B-complexes is a very important vitamin that plays a critical role in the hair growth process. The shortage of this vitamin causes hair loss.

The above listed reasons cause hair loss that has both psychological and emotional effect on a lot of people, thereby necessitating a way to prevent hair loss. There are different ways that have been discovered to be effect in the prevention of hair loss. Predominantly, is the intake and continuous consumption of hair loss vitamins that helps to combat the early and undue falling.

Vitamins that Prevent Hair Loss

There are some hair loss prevention vitamins as well as hair loss prevention food that replenish the human body with the needed vitamins for the prevention of hair loss. These are highlighted below:

Vitamin A

This vitamin has the ability to lubricate the root of the hair by giving the scalp thee needed oil nutrient for the enhancement of hair growth. Although as earlier stated, the too much intake of vitamin A supplements has negative effects on the hair. Nevertheless, consuming natural foods that are rich in vitamin A helps the hair growth process and prevent the loss of hair. Vitamin A rich food includes carrots, eggs, maize and mangoes among others. Steady consumption of these fruits lubricates the scalps and helps prevent hair loss.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is very important in the hair growth process as it is one of the rich sources of collagen which helps prevent hair loss in the human body. This vitamin can be naturally consumed from vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits and grape seed extract.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B which is a combination of a variety of complexes called the B-complex is important in the growth and prevention of hair loss. Particularity, vitamin B6 which helps in the regulation of blood in the body is very significant in the growing process of hair. Also, vitamin B12 is one of the hair rich vitamins that help to strengthen the hair and guard against hair loss. Consuming foods and supplement rich in vitamin B6 and B12 is very important for the prevention of hair loss.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D which has been found to be closely related to calcium has a very important role in the prevention of hair loss. The vitamin helps the cycling of hair follicle and also strengthens thee hair against hair loss.
Steady and frequent consumption of the above listed vitamins helps the prevention of hair loss.

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