Natural Hair Loss Prevention Tips

natural hair loss prevention tips

Hair loss in both men and in woman has several potential causes – they are usually a resultant of mineral deficiency, severe stress, illness, genetic, diets among others. Records have it that up to one third of the world population, out of which major are women suffer from hair loss. With this, it’s therefore important to note that there are no guarantees that one can prevent hair loss which is genetic inclined or hair loss as a result of some factors, the best one can however do is to give his/her hair the greatest chance of staying in good conditions. While its can be quite normal for one to lose about 50- 100 strands in every 24hours, more than this quantity can indicate a problem. Also, due to the fact that it is an issue that increasingly affects women as they age, there are several varieties of natural tips that can help fight hair loss in both men and women.

With no argument, human being experiencing hair loss can’t actually recover balding which occurs naturally, but can prevent it from getting more than expected. Due to the factual truth that many human being put pressure on their hair through the use of hair dryers, dye and hair chemical contents, hot combs, cosmetics – the practice makes many very much prone to problem of hair fall, which at the long run leads to greater issue such as hair loss. There are however some natural tip that can be practiced in order to keep one hair healthy.

Natural Hair Loss Prevention Tips


Rich in high sulphuric content, onion juice – an extract from normal onions can help treat issue hair loss – the natural hair loss prevention tip also help improve the blood circulation to the hair follicles. It equally has the tendency of reviving hair follicles and help supress inflammation. Its anti-bacterial components further assist in killing germs that aid scalp diseases. The application of coconut oil or almond oil in the scalp also serves as one of the way of preventing hair loss – the use of any of this oil enhances flow of blood into the human hair follicles, help increases the strength of one’s root and also assist in conditioning one’s scalp.


Beetroot juice which has been recognized as another natural remedy for hair loss helps one to complete lacking nutritional deficiency that might cause hair fall. Advisably, it’s important that you include beetroot juice in your diet as it stand to fight against hair loss or hair fall. The consumption of Green Tea as well has equally been recognized as a natural remedy which aid the revitalization of hair follicles and a remedy that stimulates hair production. With properties of enhancing one’s metabolism which in the long run lead to increased hair growth, a conditioning of hair with green tea can help boost one’s hair production beyond imagination.

Aloe Vera

Widely used in many cream and cosmetics products, Aloe Vera is contained of enzymes that enhance healthy growth of hair. The application of Aloe Vera juice or gel softly on scalp and with one teaspoon on empty belly helps encourage healthy hair growth as well. While it further has the ability to eradicate dead cells form one scalp – (dead cells can clog the roots on one’s hair) the use of Aloe Vera assist in restoring scalp acidity to alkaline balance, which in turn enhances the growth of healthy hair. Additionally, Neem Leaves which is known for its medicinal composition has been recorded as one among the best herbal medicine to tackle hair loss is the best to treating dandruff. Rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, Neem leaves also assists the hair follicles by making them stronger. It also enhances healthy hair growth.

Grape Seed

There are several reasons that make it possible for the grape seed to be used as a treatment for hair loss. To begin with, it contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins which are found in grape seeds have been found to inhibit the production of DTH which is a major contributing factor to hair loss. At the same time, OPC’s stimulate the production of hair follicles and lowers the DHT amounts in the follicles. Healthy follicles promote the growth of new, healthy and fast-growing hair.

Grape seed extract further contributes to the growth of hair by promoting a healthy skin. Improved microcirculation in the capillaries near the skin accelerates the nourishment of hair follicles and the rate of their oxygen acquisition.

Alma –Indian Gooseberry

One of the major causes of hair loss is lack of Vitamin C, Alma –Indian Gooseberry which is a rich source of Vitamin C help fight against dandruff and scalp welling. Its assist in keeping one’s scalp clean and provides the needed nutrition to your hair roots, thus making your hair roots shinier and stronger. Rich in antioxidants and endowed with antibacterial components, Alma is one of the very best natural hair prevention tips that can replenish hair loss.
Quite disgusting to use when raw, Eggs and curds are also good for hair loss – they called the preventer of loss of hair. Highly rich in sulphur – an important nutrient for strong and healthy hair, eggs enhances the development of collagen and keratin which help prevent dandruff as well. Majorly, food contents that are high in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12, Iron and Zinc also assist in revitalizing hair loss. It is imperative that one’s food intake include enough green leafs, beans, fish, nuts and meats. Owing to the fact that many of us might not have the time to go through the process of getting them through food, a good supplement can assist in recovering whatever diet you are lacking.

hair loss prevention tips

Furthermore, vital oil have longed been known for their benefits and might just be the right natural remedy for hair loss, Oil like Rosemary, Cypress , Lavender among many others are composed of balancing components which can help improve one scalp condition and also help promote hair growth. A little drop of this oil massage softly in your scalp is the best way to fight against hair loss or hair fall.

Bottom Line on Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Constant heating up of hair through hair dryers and hot combs weakens proteins in hair – this usually leads to fragility which at the long run causes hair loss. The practice of using natural drying is best for one’s hair; hence one should aim at drying his/her hair naturally than with it. Perming, also termed chemical straightener also damages your hair, it tends to precisely break down the bonds of one’s hair and in turn reshape them in different ways. This however weakens your hair, and in order to prevent hair loss its better one stay off from perming.

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