Hair Loss Prevention at Home

hair loss prevention at home

Many of us get stressed as a result of different reasons- stress could be from loss of a job, child bearing, accidents, pregnancy, work, critical health issues and so on. The accumulation of the experienced stress neither daily, yearly or monthly increases symptoms like loss of hair at the top of the head and at hairline, increases symptoms like hair thinning as well. Being an occurrence in both men and in women, hair loss is one of the major problems we face in our today world. While genes on the other hand tend to play its part as well there are a lot of several other reasons for hair loss in both men and women. Heredity reasons enhances hair loss in men, work related stress is another reason, hormonal occurrence in women right after bearing, breastfeeding, menstrual imbalances or typhoid illness are also the other causes of hair loss. Additionally, malnutrition and poor nutrition due to lack of balanced diet, skipped meals and junk foods can equally cause hair loss.

Owing to the fact that perming and use of chemical straightening contents or use of sharp shampoos and conditioners can equally make one loose his/her hair, drugs and some other kind of medications like contraceptive pills, blood pressure medicines and anti-cholesterol medicine can also cause hair loss. Records have revealed that losing strands of hair between 50-100 daily is normal, but losing more than this is quite a problem. Without argument, there is nothing more admiring than a thick head of long hair – glittering with natural health, but when the problem of hair loss arises, it tends to diminish one’s one from getting fuller and shinier. Other factors that cause hair loss in both men and women also include aging, environmental impacts, excessive intake of smoke through smoking, scalp diseases, autoimmune diseases, and chronic diseases and so on. However, while you can consider eating hair loss prevents food; you can as well avoid hair loss in tracks with simple hair loss prevention at home. Below are ways on how to make and use them.

Hair Loss Prevention at Home

1. Garlic

Many of us use garlic in preparing most of food. Rich is sulphuric content same way as onions, it help improve blood circulation on scalp which in turn stimulate hair growth. While it’s naturally offers antibiotic and antifungal properties to including high content of allicin, calcium, zinc and selenium, garlic also have the potential fight against itchy scalp, excessive dandruff and scalp infections. When used with base oil like olive oil, it’s adequately nourishes one’s hair and reduces hair fall. It is expected that one soak cut pieces of garlic into olive oil for seven 7days or more, and right after one week has been observed, you can then uses the oil to massage the scalp softly. In addition, it is also expected that you leave the application on from night till morning before washing with natural shampoos. This can be done once in every week to avoid hair loss.

2. Coconut

This is recognized as a fruit, but it ingredient actually has many benefits for your hair (Guess you never knew, Right?). While it has the capacity to also improve hair growth, it is endowed with required minerals, fats and protein which assist in tackling hair breakages. One can use it oil or milk to avoid loss of hair. It is required that you warm a bit of the oil before massaging it through your hair roots. Having applied the oil for about an hour or more, you can then wash. While that it done, its further requires grating of the coconut itself and squeezing out its milk then mix with litter water. You then can further proceed into applying it on the affected area – area where you notice hair thinning or loss, leave it in hair overnight and immediately wash in the morning. This can also be done one or twice in every week to get desired results.

3. Hibiscus

While this can also be called shoe flower, the use of the flower for hair help prevent dandruff, greying as well as controlling hair loss. If one intend to use hibiscus as hair loss prevention at home, it’s then require that you crush or grind little pieces of the flower and then add or mix with coconut oil to making a paste. Right after the mixture has been done; you can apply on your scalp and leave it in hair for some hours – hours that can be decided by you. Wash off with mild shampoos and cold water.

4. Greek Yogurt

This act naturally as hair conditioners. Highly rich in Vitamin B5 and protein content, Greek Yogurt is very beneficial for hair growth. Also composed on probiotics, it has been recognized largely as an agent for hair growth. While it further contain antibacterial components which protect hair damage, it is required that you take two spoonful of Greek yogurt in a basin, then add lemon juice – this is usually extracted from lemon and honey. Then, mix together thoroughly with Greek yogurt to make a paste. After this, it is further required of you to use a hair dye brush to apply the prepared home remedy through your scalp and hair roots. It is expected to be in your hair for about 30 minutes or more before washing carefully with cold water. If possible, this process can be done once in every 7 days but if you have dry hair, it’s advisable that the process should be carried out twice every week.

Bottom Line Hair Loss Prevention at Home

The Exposure of your hair to heat and high temperature can protein content and damages hair protective cuticles, and when this occurs, its causes moisture imbalances, thus making your hair subjective to breakage. Hair is however a serious problem when the strands of hair that falls daily is more than 50-100, but like any serious issue out there, it can be prevented with the above tips. Try any of them and you won’t have to worry or fear hair loss again!

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