Hair Loss Prevent Foods

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Aside from the fact that hair can’t grow on the human palm and on the sole of their feet, its primarily grows everywhere on the human outer skin. The hair that tend to showcase on our skin are however composed of a kind of protein called Keratin, the one of the type of protein is usually a product of hair follicles. While follicles develops news hair cells, the old one are always sent out through the outer layer of the skin at an estimated of about 6 inches every year. Researched findings has revealed that the hair which are very much visible to see are actually strings of lifeless keratin cells, it also revealed that the hair seen on most adult head is about one hundred thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand, which most time they lose up to hundred in just 24hours. Hence, discovering little stings of hair on one’s hairbrush is necessarily not a big deal.

The follicle is reported to having its own life cycle that is most time influenced by diseases, age and many other factors. The lifecycle of the follicle is divided into three main phases which includes Telogen, Catagen and Anagen – The Catagen is referred to as the in-between hair growth that only appear for a period of two to three week, the Anagen is the major active hair growth that occurs for a long period of time, majorly for about two to three years while the Telogen also known as the resting phase, usually survive for just two to three months. When Telogen take place, the hair that grew period the period of two to three month usually shed away and in turn, new hair grows to replacing its and also a new growing cycle begins afresh.

What is Hair Loss?

Common is women, men and in children and also known as alopecia, there are however different kind of hair loss. The different kind of hair loss includes Androgenic alopecia, involutional alopecia, Alopecia areata, Alopecia universalis, Trichotillomania, Scarring alopecias and Telogen effluvium. In summary, the Telogen effluvium is known as a short-term hair on the human scalp, it normally occurs due to changes that occur in the cycle process, while a huge amount of hair enters into this phase its most time lead to shedding.

The Scaring alopecias is a long-lasting loss of hair, some type of skin illness, skin disorder or inflammatory skin illness like acne sometime create scars that in turn hinder that ability for hair to grow. Notably, hair weaved to hard and tight, the usage of hot combs and pull can make one loss his or her hair. Occurs more in Children, the trichotillomania is known as physiological illness that allows a person drags out one’s own hair while that alopecia universalis is a kind of hair loss in which causes all the hair seen on the human outer skin to fall out, this also include hair found around the eye, and hair found in the public part of the human body. In addition, the alopecia areata remain a sudden start of patchy hair loss that majorly occurs in teenagers and children, at the long run the alopecia areata might lead to total baldness which is called alopecia area. The Androgenic Alopecia is also referred to as an hereditary illness that usually affect majorly men and women, the illness is categorized to causing loss of hair from a human front scalp. Research findings has revealed that men with the androgenic alopecia begin to experience loss of hair in their initial 20s while women with the same condition get to experience the effect around their early 40s. Lastly, the involutional alopecia is referred to a natural illness which allows hair to gradually grow thin based on progressive age. This entails more follicles going into the Telogen phase (Resting Phase) with the left over hair turning into fewer number and also turn shorter than expected.

What Are The Food That Prevent Hair Loss?

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Undoubtedly, one can’t actually revive balding that occurs naturally but one can prevent and protect his or her from getting damage. Owing to the fact that most humans put enormous stress on their hair to including the usage of hot combs, hair dryers, dye and hair straightening content, chemicals, cosmetics among others, there are however some food that can be taken in order to prevent hair loss.

Known and used by many as vegetable, Spinach is one among the many vegetables that is rich in iron, protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, also rich with sebum which acts as conditioner, the vegetable –spinach help human in sustaining a strong scalp and glistening hair. Diary product and eggs which are rich with necessary nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Omega 6 fatty acid, Iron, Zinc and protein also helps tackle loss of hair while the popularly known potatoes and carrots sometime used in balancing one’s diet having contain Vitamin and A and beta-carotene helps to increase hair growth. The addition of walnuts to one diet can equally help one to prevent hair loss – this is because walnut contains essential nutrient like Vitamin E, Protein, Magnesium, Biotin among others that assist in strengthen hair cuticles and also help nourish the scalp. Likewise, the consumption of walnuts helps guard one’s cell from DNA damage. The many other Kind of food that can be to fight against hair loss also include Oats, Chicken, Lentils, Yogurt, Strawberries and specifically food content rich in Vitamin C.

The Bottom Line on Hair Loss

While nutritional shortages can also make human to experience loss of hair by causing breakage and retarded development of new hair, it’s however advisable that one consult a medical expert or a health practitioner if one experiences instant loss of hair patches, when one child or teenage child start observing broken hair on the frontal scalp or on his/her eyebrows, when one is pulling or rubbing out his/ her own hair and when a child or an adult experiences an unusual hair loss in any part of the outer layer of the human skin.

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