What is Grape Seed Oil Used for? Answer is Baby Massaging

grapeseed oil baby massage

As a matter of fact, babies are quite sensitive than adults and so are susceptible to having dry skin, irritation and rashes. Even, babies have greater surface-area-to-mass ratio, meaning that they can lose body moisture and heat quickly when exposed to dry, warm or cool air. To take good care of babies’ skin, parents are suggested to use natural skin moisturizers as they are mild on the skin and prevent dryness throughout the year. Coconut oil and grape seed oil tend to be the best options for body massage; however, parents should consult with a pediatrician before applying on babies having chronically dry skin.

Grape Seed Oil

As the name suggests, grape seed oil is derived by pressing grape seeds that are receied as byproducts from wine production. With light and thin texture, grape seed oil gives a glossy look to the skin and is an important ingredient in various skincare products. While talking about what is grape seed oil used for, it’s quite interesting to know that it can be applied on babies’ skin without having to worry about any side effect. The interesting part is that the oil can absorb into the skin, thus does not give the greasy feel and maintain the perfect balance of antioxidants and vitamins. While searching for the answer to question what is grape seed oil used for, it has been found that it has high content of linoleic acid and oleic essential oil along with resveratrol and vitamin E.

grapeseed oil massage

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another option for moisturizing and cooking purposes. The oil contains saturated fats, especially medium chain elements like lauric, capric and caprylic fatty acids. They contain antimicrobial properties that prevent the skin from harmful microbial infections. When it is applied externally, the fats clings on the skin and locks moistures efficiently. Coconut oil has a significant amount of vitamin E and proteins as well.


Since babies have sensitive skin, parents should take great care of their kids and avoid exposure to dry, hot or cold air as they may lead to dry skin. Even, prolonged contact with salt water, chlorine and air conditioning also lead to dryness. Keep in mind that regular bathing would remove natural oils from the skin and therefore, parents should apply a good moisturizer. Wondering what is grape seed oil used for? Keep in mind that it is easy and thin to apply while coconut oil is a bit thicker and so, suitable for chapped skin. In short, grape seed oil tends to be the best option for baby massage.

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