What is Grape Seed Oil? Know the Facts and Use Accordingly

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With increasing trend to use essential oils for various health purposes, grape seed oil has got significant fame over the last couple of years. Due to its incredible antioxidants and nutritional values, grape seed oil has become a preferable option among people who are concerned about their beauty and health. They usually collect information by asking what is grape seed oil and how it is used.

Studies have proven various properties and benefits of adding grape seed oil to daily routine. However, some benefits still need some evidences for authentication, meaning that people cannot rely on them yet. The best thing of using grape seed oil is that it promises satisfactory results as compared to synthetic or other supplements. Users would notice a significant change before and after using grape seed oil.

For Massage

With night thin consistency, grape seed oil has turned out to be an ideal oil for massage. It can be mixed with carrier oils such as jojoba oil or lavender essential oil for effectiveness and relaxation.

To Grow Shiny, Longer Nails

While searching for the answer of what is grape seed oil, it’s quite interesting to know that it can moisturize nails, cuticles and deeply nourish them to encourage shiny and stronger nails. Experts suggest to make a nail growth serum, which contains grape seed oil, myrrh essential oil, geranium essential oil and lemon essential oil. Applying the mixture on cuticles every day would give good results.

Summer Body Oil

With light consistency, grape seed oil can be used as summer body oil. It moisturizes the body and soothes without being icky and greasy. While making body oil, take an amber dropper bottle, add grape seed oil and a few drops of any essential oil. For tan skin, apply sandalwood oil.

Oil Cleansing

Grape seed oil is an important ingredient for cleansing the skin. It may sound contradictory but it works efficiently to get rid of stale oil and face dirt. Its good oils are helpful to drive out stale sebum, pus out impurities and dissolve dead cells. Mix grape seed oil with liquid coconut oil and cleanse the skin.

Delays Wrinkles and Restores Collagen

When it comes to know what is grape seed oil, it’s interesting to come across the fact that it can bring back youthfulness. Its oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) can restore collagen and eradicate free radicals that extract oxygen from the skin cells. Grape seed oil also promotes collagen restoration at cellular level.

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