Grape Seed Flour Bread Recipe

grape seed flour bread

The grape seed has been accredited by many people through different ages for its miraculous and amazing powers. The importance of the grape is just simply inexhaustible as more and interesting benefits and uses as well as importance of the grape seed is being discovered on a daily basis. The significance of the grape seed is not something new as it has been observed by different generations that the grape fruit itself have a very strong ability to cure certain sicknesses. The grape fruit which has been used for wine making overtime is a very nutritious and medicinal fruit and its product has been highly rated as a healthy drink for several decades.

The importance of this fruit does not lie in the wine making process alone. It’s supposed waste which includes the seeds of the fruit has been discovered to be of utmost importance and significance. The grape seed has a variety of uses depending on the form in which it is prepared. The grape seed can be processed to produce oil which is called the grape oil extract with very numerous and impressive health benefits attached to the use of this extract from the grape seed. Furthermore, the grape seed can be grinded into fine smooth powder flour which is often used for meals and different baking recipes. The use of the grape seed flour can be varied depending on the desired result or anticipated outcome. If the grape seed flour is being taken just for hunger satisfaction and for its amazing flavor,
then taking it once in a while is a good way to go by. But if the purpose of the intake is for the gain of its health benefits, then it is advisable to have the grape seed flour in almost all meals particularly in daily meals like breakfast which include bread.

The use of the grape seed flour for bread recipe is very important as it is a way to maintain a good family health through the numerous health benefits of the grape seed flour. Using the grape seed flour in bread preparation gives the bread a very unique coloration that makes the bread look tasty and yummy. Additionally, the sweet fruity smell of the grape seed flour is another major reason why the grape seed flour should be adopted for bread recipes. There are many other products and snacks including foods and soups that can be produced from the grape seed flour. However, the significance of using the grape seed flour for bread recipes is entrenched in the fact that bread is virtually a daily meal for many homes either as breakfast of as major meal.

There are very different ways of using thee grape seed flour for bread recipes. It all depends on the type and nature of bread that you desire to produce. If you are a lover of tasty, nutritious and healthy bread, then you will most probably have to try using the grape seed flour for your bread. The ingredients and procedures for using the grape seed flour as a bread recipe depend on what you really need. However, below is a detailed analysis of the use of grape seed flour for bread recipe:

Ingredient for Bread Making with Grape Seed Flour

When making bread with the grape seed flour, there are some ingredients that are needed for a perfect combination that gives amazing result. Some of the ingredients for making of bread using the grape seed flour include:

  • Two cups of warm water
  • Three to four teaspoon full of olive oil
  • Three table spoon of brown sugar
  • One and half teaspoon of yeast
  • One and half teaspoon of salt
  • Quarter cup of milled flax
  • One and three quarter cup of white whole wheat flour
  • Three quarter cup of grain blend
  • One quarter cup of grape seed flour

The above listed ingredients are for grape seed flour bread recipe. However, it is worthy of note that the quantity of each of the above listed ingredients depends on the amount of bread that you desire to bake.

Procedure for Making Bread with Grape Seed Flour

Once the above ingredients have been gotten, the next step is to know the way to put the ingredients together to get the desired result. The processes or procedures of making the grape seed flour bread recipe are detailed below:

  1. Put the whole mixture together in a bowl and knead everything together to form dough which should be soft, smooth and slightly sticky in texture.
  2. Cover the dough for about one to two hours. This is necessary to allow the dough to rise. Even though the dough may not rise to double its quantity, but it will make a significant rise for this number of hours.
  3. Get your baking pan form the oven and apply a little grease to the pan to avoid sticking and burning.
  4. Cut the dough into shape and place them in the pan. Cover the dough in the pan for another one hour to allow for additional rise and make the dough puffy.
  5. Place the lid of the pan on the pan and put the pan in the oven.
  6. Program the oven to about 400 0 F and allow the bread to bake for about 35 to 40 minutes.
  7. Remove the cover of the pan and allow the bread to still bake for an additional time of 10 to 15 minutes more.
  8. Remove the bread from the oven and turn it out of the pan to cool off, and the bread is ready.

Summarily, using the grape seed flour for bread recipe is a very nutritious and yummy concept. The bread produced from the grape seed flour does not only serve the purpose of stopping hunger but also, it has a whole lot of health benefits that are attached to the consumption of the bread produced out of the grape seed flour. Some of these health benefits include reduction of cholesterol level, helps in weight loss and increases anti-oxidants in the body among many other benefits.

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