Foods High in Antioxidants UK

foods high in antioxidants

Every human being has a load of antioxidant and free radicals present in the body. Some of these antioxidants and free radicals are developed by the human body naturally when a whole lot of others are derived from food eaten. Antioxidants are basically considered as substances that constrains oxidation especially the ones that are used to neutralize the deterioration of deposited food or removal of potentially dangerous oxidizing agents from the human body. That’s why consumption of foods high in antioxidants is very beneficial. Luckily there are several foods, fruits and drinks that are very good sources of antioxidants.


Foods That Are High In Antioxidants avialable in UK


  • Leeks
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Grape seed extracts
  • Pumpkins
  • Mangoes
  • Carrot
  • Red pepper
  • Green tea
  • Citrus fruits
  • Water melon
  • Thyme
  • Oranges

The above listed foods are all high in antioxidants, however, grape seed extract is a very viable, rich and highly recommended antioxidant food. Known for its numerous functions, its antioxidant power gives it the capability to cure other harmful sicknesses from the human body.

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Grape seed extract  is credited to be effective in reducing the effects and chances of diabetes in the body. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs as a result of high blood sugar level which is caused by either inadequate insulin production in the body or because of poor response from the body to insulin or even as a result of both cases. People having their blood sugar level high usually suffer from frequent urination which consequently grows into increase thirst and hunger. Proanthocyanidin, a very vital content of the grape seed extract is very rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions which have been medically proven to be very effect in the promotion of normal blood flow thereby benefiting the cardiovascular structure. Consistent and regular intake of the grape seed extract helps regulate the blood sugar level which in turn protects the body against diabetes and a host of other health malfunctions. It is therefore advisory to make the intake of the grape seed extract which is a food that is very high in antioxidants, a daily habit.

The high antioxidant properties of the grape seed extract is very crucial in boosting brain functions and mitigating cognitive impairment as well as alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive impairment and alzheimer’s disease are brain conditions that are associated with aged people. This results in memory loss and other brain discomforts. However, in a scientific research into natural and effective way to enhance the brain function revealed that the use of grape seed extract which is one of the foods that is high in antioxidant function, is a viable option to enhance and drastically boost the brain functions both in the aged and the younger people. The study however revealed that there is the need for consistency. During the scientific experiment using the grape seed extract on different subjects, it was discovered that the frequent and consistent intake of the grape seed extract increases the chances of it getting to the brain. The grape seed extract’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions helps in controlling the NF-
kappaB gene signal. The study has revealed that a dose, little or large is very helpful in the human body. But for a more effective result and for the treatment of specific health issue like the enhancement of the brain function, it is very imperative to have a regular and consistent dose of the grape seed extract.

Grape seed extract can be taken at any time of the day, however, if there is a particular health condition that it’s being taken for, it is advisable to get the recommended dosage for the particular condition. Nevertheless, in all cases, consistency and regularity is advised. Being consistent and maintaining a regular interval is very crucial for effective result when take the grape seed extract.

After all, medical science has attested to the fact that with the steady and regular consumption of foods that are rich in antioxidants, the presence of disease causing organism in the body is very limited.


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