Find Out What are Smartphone Advantages and Disadvantages to Decide on its Usage

Smartphones have now taken over attention of the current generation. People now check their phones every when and then to find out if there is any information that has been received- be it messages, emails, social media updates or calls. These smartphones have simplified how things are done. However, there are still some people who don’t know much about smartphones and so, are unable to anticipate the benefits. Even, they couldn’t be able to find the answer of the question: what are smartphone advantages and disadvantages? Yes, due to their lack of knowledge, they always need to ask for expert help in order to realize their significance. Below are some worth considering facts about why smartphones are necessary and what could go wrong if they are used excessively:


This is one of the issues that have been sorted by smartphones. All your private and confidential information can now be stored on smartphones. The phone lock technology allows users to keep their secret documents, files or details safe from everyone. You can secure your phone with password, pin, eye lens scanner or fingerprint scanner in order to make sure that no one could unlock the phone except you. There is also face detection or voice detection software that may be helpful to make the phone more secured.

Keep in touch easily
Transfer of information from one person to the other has become easy. It is now very easy to communicate with loved ones within a blink of an eye. In case of an emergency, information can easily be sent to someone who can help save the situation by sending a message, email or posting status on social media.

Email and social media allow ease of access
Initially, you were supposed to have a desktop computer to access your emails as well as social media accounts. This means that you could only access them either from your house, office or cyber. While nowadays, this has been simplified since all the pages and emails can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone. The only thing you would need is to have a good internet connection. This would help you to sync new emails and get updates on the latest social media posts.

Finish many tasks more quickly and easily
When it comes to finding out what are smartphone advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to understand that the gadgets are provided with an easy user interface that helps users to solve their problems without making efforts. Orders can be given from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone. Even, you can conveniently do online shopping of the desired items without taking out time to visit the market and waste energy. Just search for what you want to buy online and place an order. It would be delivered at your doorstep.

Smartphones have GPS configuration that could help to navigate to the desired location easily. If you do not know much about the routes and have to go somewhere urgently, this feature is the perfect option to find directions.

Smartphones can be used to listen music as well as watch funny videos during free time. You can also use them to play your favorite games in order to relax your mind. The things mentioned earlier like using Facebook, Twitting and chatting could also be referred to as entertainment since they are also the source of enjoyment.

Find something to do
While travelling, you can use your phone to discover must-visit places like restaurants to grab your meals, clubs to spend quality time and hotels to relax. You can further compare prices from different travel companies to come up with the best one that promises to offer quality services at reasonable cost. This why, you would be able to get half answer of the question, what are smartphone advantages and disadvantages?


Phone privacy can no longer be there if your phone is lost or stolen. The person who gets your phone can easily access your information if you had not activated the lock security feature. You, therefore, need to ensure that your phone is protected by either pin, password or fingerprint. Once you have lost your smartphone, you need to report to the nearest police station as well as the service provider. This might help you to remain on the safe side. You might even be helped to track it and know who is in possession of it.

There was a time when beautiful ladies were the primary distractions for men but now, as people get to know what is a smartphone, things have been changed quite significantly. Whether driving or crossing a busy road, it only takes a single beep or ring from a smartphone and everything around changes. All the concentration turns to the phone instead of what the person is doing. This may lead to a terrible accident. Or if in an important meeting, it would distract your concentration. So, it is always recommended to switch it off, or put on silent mode to avoid destructions. It is essential to follow social etiquettes, for example, if working with an organization, minimize the use of your phone or you may risk your job.

Health Issues
What are smartphone advantages and disadvantages? Whenever this question arises, the first disadvantage that runs in the mind is different health problems that are related to smartphones. Since human body tissues are quite sensitive to radio frequencies emitted by smartphones, it is necessary to make sure that the devices are not used much. Users are also losing their sleeping habits because of the smartphones. You would wake up in the middle of the night to find a student or teacher online for not because they are doing research but they are having fun chats with friends. Phones give off HEV light that is a hazardous to the eyes. This light can damage the retina hence causing eye problems.

Just like a drug addict cannot live without drugs, smartphone users couldn’t afford to think their lives without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and other applications. Their addiction forces them to remain glued with their phones for hours, without being concerned about what’s going on in their surroundings.


As smartphones are getting popular day by day, you need to understand what are smartpone advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t do this, you might find yourself having a lot of trouble. You need to have a clear knowledge of what you can do and what you are not supposed to do. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones would help you be on the safe side. You, therefore, need to make wise decisions about having a smartphone and its usage.

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