Explaining What is a Smartphone and Why it is Important

You must have heard people talking about phones, maybe in town, at school or at home. You might also have been involved in such discussions. So, have you ever asked yoursel, “what is a smartphone?” If not, then this is high time to do it now.

Basic Understanding About Smartphones

A smartphone is a high technology communication device that outweighs other basic phone operations. With the changing trends in technology, smartphones, coming in the market, have proved to be quite efficient in terms of user satisfaction as they can now carry out tasks that were being performed by desktops at home. More so, these phones are now mobile PCs that fit in the pocket easily. Smartphones have been configured with in-built applications and also allow users to install more applications which are available on the play store. You can even get more applications from different sites on the internet.

Companies that have been producing mobile phones have really improved and brought the true revolution in technology. First generation was the phones that only used to make calls, send messages and performed basic operations. But, with the passage of time, modifications have been made and smartphones come in the market that can do almost everything a computer can do.

Here, the thing to mention is that you need to dig deeper and collect some more facts about what is a smartphone in order to give satisfactory answer to someone who may ask you in the future. First, just like the desktops, smartphones have an operating system, which is a software that is responsible to let the device perform basic as well as advanced activities. Symbian OS is one of the most common operating systems that have won the trust of users because of their user-friendly interface. Nokia happens to be one of its major contributors since almost all Nokia devices operate on this OS. The second OS that has posed very stiff competition to Symbian is Research in Motion. This is an operating system that is believed to be the most secured OS in the world.

When talking about advancement in mobile phones, iPhones can never be overlooked as they are the first of their kind to operate on accelerometer. With this, screen presentation can be altered simply by tilting the screen. It has over 2 billion apps that can run on it. It is the most secured mobile phone when it comes to flashing and hacking. To add on that, iPhone is the first phone to introduce touchscreen technology in the mobile industry. Ever since other companies have embraced the same idea and are now competing in the same field.

Another aspect of understanding what is a smartphone is that it can help you to access the internet. It provides a wide range of internet speed- namely; Edge, 2g, 3g, and 4g. Edge is the slowest internet connection, 2g is slightly faster, 3g is faster than 2g while 4g is the fastest internet connection available for majority of the population. This internet connection can be accessed through Wi-Fi or the mobile sim card. If you do not have Wi-Fi, you can buy a router to access it.

Smartphones have now embraced the QWERTY keyboard technology. Their keyboard now resembles that of a normal computer and replaced the same space with touch screen. You simply need to touch on the screen once to type a letter, unlike the previous phones that you had to press a button several times for typing. Sending SMS has been made easy and faster with smartphones.

Smartphones have made it easy for people to check and reply their emails regularly. These smartphones can synch emails and give an up-to-date report on the new ones. The best thing about this is that smartphones support several email accounts on the same device like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

In Android mobile phones, you can attach and download office documents from your email. After downloading, you can view them, highlight and copy and paste or cut and paste anywhere. The content copied can be pasted to any other application on the phone.

With new technology, you can now communicate with your loved ones without having to worry about disconnection or distraction. You can decide to hide your identity and communicate as an unknown contact just to tease someone.

Important Features that Distinguish Cell Phones from Smartphones

Another aspect to know what is a smartphone is that you couldn’t simply call a mobile phone an efficient and performance oriented gadget until it meets certain characteristics. Since, there are no stipulated guidelines on how to differentiate or identify a smartphone, the idea should be to find out basic features that differentiate qwerty mobile phones from smartphones, particularly when it comes to the following:

  • Operating system: this is a software component on the smartphone, on which other programs are nstalled and ran. For you to receive calls, send emails/messages and to perform all the desired activities, this operating system tends to be a crucial factor. Majority of the phones in the market operate on Android operating system. It is being used by TECNO, Samsung, INFINIX, OPPO and many other mobile phone manufacturers.
  • Software: smartphones have turned to be the pocket-friendly copy of computers since they use software like PCs. For you to work as needed, like reading documents, sending emails and many other operations, you need different software on your smartphone, which are called Applications or Apps.
  • Internet access: the most exciting feature of smartphones is the ability to access the internet. This is the first thing they brag about since it was only for computers. You can now access the internet with different speed packages i.e. you can either use 2G, 3G or 4G. You might even decide to use Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone.
  • QWERTY keyboard: new smartphones now have a QWERTY keyboard just like PCs. You can now type at your own convenience and ensure to edit or delete the words as per your preference.
  • Message capabilities: when you have a smartphone, you would be able to send messages through different mediums, particularly SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

So, after getting basic understanding, the next step is to find a guide that could explain how to choose the right smartphone since there are numerous models and brands available.

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