Explaining the Effects of Excessive Use of Mobile Phone

After the invention of mobile phones, more and more people have started to add the gadgets into their lives. According to the statistics, the use of mobile phones has been significantly increased. As you all know mobile phones are small devices that are easy to carry and portable, they have replaced Personal Computers with advanced features and performance. Basically, they allow users to remain updated with the recent advancements as they are the best source to keep them entertained and knowledgeable about everything that is happening in the world. They also help users to know what they are supposed to eat in order to remain healthy along with their exercise goals, how much calories they should burn regularly and many more.

Although mobile phones are beneficial from many aspects but, no one could overlook the effects of excessive use of mobile phone because they leave negative imact over the users’ health. So, experts suggest to maintain an appropriate level of smartphone usage and avoid being the victim of any of the following problems:

1. Addiction of Mobile Phone:

Smartphone is a good thing but its addiction may kill you. According to a survey, college students, whether they are females or males, used to spend most of their time using smartphones, either on the internet or by chatting with someone. The time they spend on mobile phones is more than the time spent with friends or family. Another survey declares that the use of smartphone is highly rated and out of eole, can’t live without using hones for more than an hour. It is, somehow, disappointing too as when you start to spend time with mobile phones, you would be having lesser time for your family and loved ones.

Dopamine and serotonin are referred to as the addictions of smartphones that usually happen when someone calls and the mobile rings. These are literally harmful for your health. As you may get engaged with smartphones, you may start to forget your life problems but, don’t over the effects of excessive use of mobile phone, which is the primary reason behind decrease in productivity and health.

Nomophobia is a disease of fear of being without your mobile phone and it may get worse over time, if not treated properly. So, the ideal approach is to control the use of smartphones and ask the doctors about what to do to get rid of the habit.

2. Withdrawal of Mobile Phone:

As the excessive use of something may cause addiction, which would be a bit difficult to withdraw, the ideal step is to do everything in a step-by-step process because if you want to get rid of this addiction, always remember that it’s not as easy as it sounds. To begin with, understand what the effects of excessive use of mobile phone could do on the health and what are the suitable sources to overcome it with the passage of time.

3. Back Problems:

By the constant use of mobile phone and connected with social media, you may suffer from back pain.
All credits goes to smartphone, as British Chiropractic Association explained that back pain mostly occurs when people use smartphones frequently, irrespective of where they are and what the time is. t doesn’t matter for them if it’s day or night because their addiction doesn’t allow them to think of anything but to keep on using the mobile phones. Remember that when you are lost in their applications, you would be paying lesser attention to yourself and even don’t seem to thin about what’s the right osture to sit.

This pain is not seasonal; almost 25% of the people are suffering on daily basis. So, have you ever wondered why it happens while using mobile phone? It has been found by Surgical Technology International that while using phone, your weight is gained up to 50 pounds, which is exactly equal to 7 years old child. Also, it depends upon the angle at which, the mobile phone is placed.

4. Nerve Pain:

When it comes to find out what is smartphone advantages and disadvantages, it’s imortant to know that they can damage your inner health as they emit harmful radiations that directly attack on different organs. Among the effects of excessive of use mobile phone, you may suffer from a condition called occipital neuralgia, in which your nerves become swollen or compact. This condition is same as that of someone who is suffering from migraine. If you want to avoid this condition, then try to avoid smartphone and add yoga, massage, steroids or many more methods to reduce this addiction.

5. Stress & Depression:

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the sources of communication than to think about their health and betterment. They always want to remain connected with their family and friends, no matter where they are located. ut, if things don’t go as they want, their anxiety level starts to rise as they begin to think more about their health and safety. As the problem increases, the situation goes worse and ultimately, it may cause depression, which would become a bit difficult to treat.

Even, with all information available on a few clicks, you may come across a lot of problems and incidents happening in the surrounding. If you are a kind-hearted person, remember that bad news also have an impact over your health.

6. Eyesight:

Among the effects of excessive use of mobile phone, it’s uite obvious to discuss that they have significant impact over eye sight. The rays omitted by the screen can cause damages to the retina, thus decreasing the ability to see things clearly. According to a research, the excessive use of mobile phone is sure to damage the retinal function that, if not treated properly, may lead to blindness or other eye problems.

If you want to prevent yourself from this problem, then think about your betterment and go away from the mobile phone after using for some time. Or you can also buy a case which is called as blue light blocking cover.

7. Tension:

When you have a smartphone, you can attend calls anywhere, text someone or remain connected with social media. Plus, if you are working in an office then the use of mobile is important like to keep in contact with office colleagues or to check and reply important emails. But, what about the tension that would always remain with you? Can you handle it? Well, remember that among the effects of excessive use of mobile phone, you couldn’t overcome tension because you are always bombarded with bad news or have to handle different issues arising during every business operation. t’s uite obvious that when everything is summed up at one place, it would lead to tension and mental discomfort until everything is settled.

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