Don’t Just Donate Now, Be A Philanthropist!

Don’t Just Donate Now, Be A Philanthropist2

When it comes to performing an important part in the society, most of the people go for making donations, either via money, time, efforts or other items like food, electronics, smartphones etc. they usually use philanthropy and charity as synonyms without realizing that the two terms have a lot of differences. Although both are regarded as acts of giving but, it is important to know their distinctions in order to avoid confusions later on.

Don’t Just Donate Now, Be A Philanthropist!
Charity is a regular act of kindness that people perform every day without even knowing or informing to others. Schools are meant to teach different ways of generosity and how to spread happiness. Religion and morality also gives lessons of how to take care of neighbors and the society along with how to respond to someone’s call at the time of need. In short, there is charity everywhere and it just needs good hearts to realize responsibility and motivation to donate whenever needed. Sometimes, people donate now and then just to make sure that they can be of help to as many people as they can while some people donate occasionally due to their limited resources.

So, what makes philanthropy different from charity? Basically, charity is an emotional, short-term, focused and immediate response for providing relief and rescue people while philanthropy is about strategic and long-term rebuilding of the society. Simple charity gives motivation and spreads kindness while philanthropy is intended to be a problem-solver that lets individuals to struggle on their own and make their lives better in the future.

Don’t Just Donate Now, Be A Philanthropist1

Philanthropy is actually a preferred method when it’s about something more than giving support. From its very nature, it helps individuals to search for the real cause of the problems so as to come up with the most suitable solution. It offers basic necessities of life along with suggesting different solutions like funding an abused clinic or hosting a job fair.

All in all, it can be concluded that charity is about fulfilling human needs with immediate response and support from others while philanthropy is a search to trace causes and suggesting solutions so that things may become favorable for everyone in the society. So, people should not just think to donate now for natural disaster victims or offer hands to elderly neighbors in daily routine tasks, they must also start to think philanthropically and examine their community to find an appropriate place/reason to begin with.

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