Why Donate Money to Charity

why donate money to charity

Why donate money to charity?

Research suggests that benefits can be felt and seen from donating to charity or volunteering your time and efforts into helping the less fortunate. It has been a kind of revelation that good things happen to good people! Charity has helped people understand good karma coming back to them when in need! The best thing one can do with their money is to give something away as charity! But, most of the people may ask why donate money to charity and how it would work for the society. Well, to be precise, everything can be done when people have heart to support others- be it providing basic necessities, education, a better lifestyle etc. What else could be expected from charity? Let’s find out.

Happiness and contentment

Studies have shown that the primary reason as to why donate money to charity is happiness and feeling of contentment in the heart. The reason given by the donors is happiness and satisfaction that can be easily seen on the receiver’s face when they got the goods given to them as charity. It was also found that when donors spend the same amount on themselves, they do not feel the level of contentment they actually felt while giving as charity.

Happiness experts in the world have also found that minor acts of kindness, giving to charity or even acts as small as smiling at people around actually boost a person’s happy hormones along with personality uplift that would not occur otherwise. Especially, people have been found to fight against depression and tension through charitable acts of kindness.



People at both ends of the charity i.e. the receiver as well as the giver, face certain level of gratitude. It has been found that gratitude is basically the reason why people uplift their aura or energy because this emotion is actually connected with one’s health, happiness and social bonding.

The reason behind why donate money to charity results in gratitude is because it evokes optimism that, even in the hardest times, you can feel thankful for what you already have. While giving in charity, the giver certainly feels thankful for how fortunate he/she is as compared to the one on the receiving end. While the receiver feels gratitude in receiving the blessings that he/she thought would be impossible to get, it has been found that when you give in charity and express your gratitude through words as well as your actions, it would enhance positive personality and make everything perfect in the surroundings.

Happiness leads to Health

Happiness, contentment and gratitude add up to positivity and lack of depression and tension, which ultimately leads to better health. No matter how sick the person may be, or how old the person might be or how miserable the person might be feeling, generosity and giving to charity truly helps people become happy and healthy.

So why donate money to charity one may ask? Well, people who believe in social sustenance had lesser or stable blood pressure than those who do not give in charity- this also suggests a direct physiological advantage to everyone who wants to be part of a noble cause. Now isn’t this amazing?

It’s shockingly amazing to find out that when people give in charity, they have about forty four percent lesser chance of death, which implies that life expectancy also increases with the amount of charity increased. Weird as it may sound but fortune pays back well to those who do good, feel good and expect good for themselves and others around them.


Social connection and Empathy

Reward is the biggest influence and consequence of charity. Reward is paid back in the right place at the right time, may be by the receiver or by somebody else, but universe makes sure that good must come back to the provider of charity. Basically, the bond of empathy, cooperation and trust build up through charitable acts and encourage kind-hearted people to play their part in societal betterment. The more wide-spread the mutual connection and humanity born through social connection, the greater is the progression towards health, wealth, contentment and happiness.

Connection and closeness led by charity and kind acts actually result in a stronger bond that has love and trust everywhere. The giver as well as receiver feels close and connected at some spiritual level thus creating a harmonious link and association among them.

Many entrepreneurs are involved in charitable activities and create trusts in order to help the less fortunate. When asked why they do this, they all responded almost the same way and expressed the same feelings by mentioning that the closer they go to humanity, the happier they get and more money they would be able to make.

Ripple Effect

It’s really interesting to find out that giving is addictive as well as contagious because it causes a ripple effect in everyone around the giver as well as the receiver. Why donate money to charity and how it causes the ripple effect? Actually, the receivers of charity always keep looking for more and more opportunities in which, they can return back the favor either to the giver or someone else in need of help. Resultant of which is a higher level of awareness towards helping and assisting others in the world. The ripple effect of kindness is what would actually help the world to shape into a better place.

Scientifically speaking, the reason behind this ripple effect is the release of certain types of hormones in the human body, which result in the feelings of warmth, euphoria and contentment. These hormones and feelings add up to giving more generously. Now the fun fact is that generosity from one person is triggered in many in the surrounding as they are influenced by the good deeds and also want to play their parts to make the society a better place.

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