Connection Between the Benefits of Grape Seeds and Testosterone

benefits of grape seed testosterol1

The testosterone level in a human body depends upon age as it starts to decrease with every passing year, affecting strength, muscle endurance and muscle mass that lead to inefficiency in athleticism. Even, sexual performance and libido also decrease or in other words, the person may suffer from longterm illnesses in the near future.

So, in order to avoid such health problems and remain active, it is necessary to maintain testosterone level by changing lifestyle with exercise and healthy diet that is full of nutrients to stimulate and manager testosterone production. Scientific studies have discovered amazing treatments of different health issues and all of them have given overwhelming response in return. The best thing is that some nutrients are used as supplements, especially when it comes to controlling T-production.

benefits of grape seed testosterol

Grape seeds are one of the most significant discoveries that enable users to remain healthy for the rest of their lives. Their extract is available in the form of dietary supplements and people can either go for powder, capsules or tablets as per their preference.

Although there are not much studies to claim connection between GSE and testosterone, scientists still believe that there is something hidden within their formula that can help people to boost their T-level. Considering the tentative link, it can be said that the benefits of grape seeds are extended to slowing down damages to testes due to toxins like alcohol. According to a study, 75mg of GSE has reduced around 12% of testicular weight with an average of 36% per kg of body weight. But, keep in mind that this won’t increase testosterone.

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Some studies also mentioned that grape seed products can inhibit aromatization, which allows the body to convert testosterone into female hormone estrogen. Another research found that procyanidins in the grape seed extract can inhibit aromatase that is needed to keep estrogen at bay. This process does not stimulate T-production instead, it slows down their conversion into female hormones.

All in all, it can be said that there are no authentic proofs for the benefits of grape seeds and therefore, it would be too early to claim that they can increase or maintain testosterone level. Grape seed extract cannot work in the way other nutrients (vitamin D or D-apartic acid) can do. Worth mentioning fact is that grape seed extract may decrease aromatization and improve blood circulation but, more evidences are required to declare it suitable for increasing testosterone.

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