How to Collect Local Donation As A New Charity?


As part of a new charitable organization, members have to make a lot of struggle and efforts in order to built trust of donors. Since everybody knows the worth of his/her hard-earned money, it’s crucial to make sure that the organization is legit and trustworthy. Donors usually hesitate to connect with a new charity when they are already involved in local donation with an existing organization. Now the question is that what would such organization do? What are the things that can help them in getting donations from donors? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Know About the Donors

In order to gain trust of donors, the first and foremost thing to do is to understand what they are thinking. Since people usually accept those who can understand them, charities should do necessary, in-depth research about their targeted donors and come up with key points that can prove them legitimate. Also, they must be in a position to provide satisfactory answers of their questions:

  • What is their way of talking? How do they deal with donors?
  • What sort of causes they support? Are they involved in other causes, other than their own?
  • For how long they have been associated with charity?
  • What are the common fears, concerns and objections they have regarding local donation?

Always do Practice

The rule of thumb for a charity is to always do practical for what they say and claim. Also, they should be well-versed about the possible aspects of conversation. The members should rehearse different possible paths of their conversation so that they are in a better position to satisfy the prospective donors.


Don’t Give Surprises

Another crucial aspect is not to hide anything from the potential donor. Charities should clear each and everything to individuals so that they can make decision after in-depth analysis.

Keep them Engaged

Donors usually need charities to keep them engaged in different events or causes. When charities stop organizing events for local donation, people would start to lose their interest from their causes and end up with approaching other charities.


Ask for Advice

Since everybody wants to be heard, charities should involve their donors and ask for suggestions in order to make their initiatives more effective and worthy. They must listen to what they have to say and implement as much as possible.

With these tips, charities can easily collect significant donations and end up with having satisfactory results from their efforts.

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