Cancer and Anti-oxidants: Things to Know

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Cancer is a type of disease that is associated with the abnormal growth of cell in the body. These unhealthy cells once they as affected by cancer begins to reproduce themselves in such a massive and rapid way that they can easily and quickly spread around the body with very severe damage capability to the health of humans. Cancer cells unlike normal cells have the capacity to infiltrate the normal body tissue with the intent to cause and inflict grievous damages to the tissues. For many years now medical science have made several research into possible ways to either reverse the growth of these cells or completely stop the reproduction of the cancerous cells. These researches have not been successful till date.

Cancer comes with a lot of symptoms that are only uniquely associated with the disease which makes it easy to identify its presence. Some of the very common symptoms of cancer are: unexplained weight loss, abnormal bleeding, lump growth, prolonged cough that proves irresponsive to medical treatments as well as a change in the movement of the bowel. There are some other medical symptoms of cancer which in some cases may be similar to some other forms of illnesses. Therefore it is advisable for anyone to have a steady medical checkup to determine the actual cause of a symptom before embarking on any form of treatment.

There are certain things and actions that have been discovered to have the potentials of causing and aggravating cancer in the human body. Some of the most common causes of cancer include: poor diet, obesity, tobacco smocking, lack of physical activities, environmental pollution, too much of alcohol intake. There are some other causes of cancer also which may include, exposure to certain radiations and certain forms of infections like the hepatitis B and the hepatitis C infections. Globally, it has been noted that about twenty two per cent of the people infected with cancer in the world today are currently or former tobacco smokers. The smock from taking in these tobaccos has a very severe damaging effect on the health of people. It also affects the lungs negatively with a very grievous damaging effect. Once the cell of the bod gets inflicted with cancer, they begin to reproduce themselves spontaneously and rapidly that the body defense mechanism becomes useless and powerless in fighting and tackling this dangerous cells.

What are Anti-oxidants?

Anti-oxidants are a set of defense mechanism that exists naturally in the body to fight with the invasion of foreign harmful agents in the body. Primarily, the anti-oxidants fight against the presence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are a set of molecules that are constantly in search of an extra atom to bond with. This is because the free radicals exist as single atoms meanwhile, chemically; atoms do not exist singly but in pairs. Therefore the free radicals are constantly looking for any other atom that they can attach themselves with to form a bond. In the process of the free radicals trying to form a bond by pulling an atom of oxygen, they cause severe destabilization in the body system. This destabilization exposes the human body to a lot of dangers and health risk.

The presence of anti-oxidants effectively helps to counter the actions of these free radicals in the body. The anti-oxidant is able to mitigate the effects and dangers of these free radicals by voluntarily donating a free atom to the free radicals to bond with. By doing this the anti-oxidant is able to neutralize and stop the effects and dangers of the free radicals. These free radicals get into our body through the food we eat, as well as some drinks we drink. The quantity of these free radicals in the body always out numbers the quantity of anti-oxidants in the body thereby necessitating the need for anti-oxidant boost to augment for the shortage of anti-oxidants in the body through the consumption of foods that are rich in anti-oxidants.

Some of the foods that are rich in anti-oxidant are barley, tomatoes, wide berry, wall nut and grape seed
extract among others. The steady and regular consumption of these foods boost the number of anti-oxidants in the body for effective fight against the presence of free radicals in the body. These anti-oxidants prevent a lot of health challenges both internally and externally.

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The Effect of Anti-oxidant on Cancer

For several years now there have been series of research and scientific finding to know the possible impacts that anti-oxidants may have on a cancer patient. In order to determine the exact result, scientists conducted a lab test that involved exposing mice to a cancer and attempted treating it with anti-oxidants. It was observed that these mice when treated with anti-oxidant began to feel worse than when they were not administered the anti-oxidant. This finding led to the belief that anti-oxidant may not be that good for a cancer patient.

Subsequently, some scientist also attempted administering doses of anti-oxidant to human cancer patient. And observed that these patient were at a greater risk of dying than those that are not given anti-oxidant. As a result of this health danger, the research was terminated in order to avoid more health risk to the individuals that already have the terminal illness. Other forms of research are still ongoing to proffer appropriate treatment for cancer and discover more uses for anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are actually a set of great supplements that perform very significant function in our body. Their presence poses real threat to the invasion by foreign disease causing agents. They help to reduce the effects of free radicals and also mitigate the dangers they pose to the human health. However, when it comes to the treatment of cancer, anti-oxidants are probably not the very best of supplement to be taken. This means that anti-oxidants are recommended for every normal human being as they play a very crucial role in maintaining good health. But a cancer patient is advised not to take the anti-oxidants as it only worsens the situation.

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