Benefits of Grape Seed Vitamins on Erectile Dysfunction

benefits of grape seed extract vitamins on erectyle disfunction

There are numerous studies on the impact of low dose arginine and Pycnogenol on erectile dysfunction, which is quite an expensive supplement and no one could easily afford to use it. Since it is a common problem with men, they usually ask if there is an alternative for Pycnogenol that is affordable and delivers the same benefits. Fortunately, there is something that could work.

Grape seed extract has turned out to be the best solution that men can use with arginine to treat their erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of studies explaining the fact that arginine can metabolize faster and would prove to be a waste of money. Though, other studies show that a combination of grape seed/arginine or Pycnogenol/arginine can increase nitric oxide and may work well for erectile health. So, the question is what option to go for?

Considering their composition and effectiveness, scientists support grape seed products because they are derived from nature and possess incredible endothelial and artery-related properties that ultimately improve erectile dysfunction. Below are some supporting facts regarding the benefits of grape seed vitamins and their use.

benefits of grape seed extract vitamins on erectyle disfunction1

Benefits of grape seed vitamins and their use

Nitric Oxide

Research has proven that grape seed extract antibiotic can relax arteries by working on Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS), which is an enzyme that acts to strengthen the body function. The benefits of grape seed vitamins include rise in nitric oxide level, just the way Pycnogenol do.

Low Blood Pressure

There is no surprise on the fact that GSE can maintain blood pressure in people having metabolic syndrome. Their ideal dosage is 150 to 300 my per day that elevates blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin resistance.

Protection from Arteriosclerosis

The benefits of grape seed vitamins also include protection against cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis. The primary reason behind is rise in nitric oxide that is responsible to exhibit this property in men. Since the lining of arteries thicken and calcify, they usually cannot pump out nitric oxide that results in erestile dysfunction and heart diseases.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

In order to measure body inflammation, CRP could be an ideal approach as it is linked with erectile dysfunction, heart diseases and various other chronic problems.


Another impressive finding on the grape seed extract vitamin benefits is increase in glutathione level by 52%. This property is quite valuable because it detoxifies the body and prevents in from various health issues in the long run.

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