Antioxidant Supplement: Should I Take It?

antioxidant supplement

Widely recognized as a substance with a special kind of micronutrient needed to provide significant sustenance for vital metabolic functions, antioxidants virtually assist in fighting against free radical damage in the body system, block dangerous chemical retort caused by oxidation, help tackle the critical effect of oxygen, thus making one stay healthier.

The word “Antioxidant” which is mainly used in two different collections of substances can be categorized into natural and industrial chemicals – the industrial chemicals are substances added to products to prevent oxidation, while the natural chemicals are found in food and body tissues which are reported to have valuable health impact.

Antioxidants do not take chances of getting damaged or turning into free radicals themselves while reacting with free radicals and to poise the oxidative state, plants and animals maintains a difficult system of covering antioxidants, which includes enzymes and glutathione – produced internally. Additionally the industrial antioxidants have several
uses; an example of its importance is they are used as preservatives for food and cosmetics products and as oxidation inhibitors for petroleum products.

Emerging as an effective substance having gained public attention in the early 1980s, the use of antioxidants supplement on the other hand as quite attained an enormous momentum among common peers that want to prevent acute and chronic diseases. The commonly known Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Carotenoids and Selenium are nevertheless good samples of antioxidants found certainly in many fruits and vegetables.

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foods high in antioxidants

Though certain heights of antioxidant vitamins in diet are needed for good health and while antioxidant supplements is largely used with the aim to prevent the expansion of cardiovascular diseases, antioxidants on the long run are however said to be an inference with cancer managements. This has also necessitated several criticism and research findings stressing that the most wanted special kind of micronutrient – antioxidants are actually not needed.

Importance of Antioxidants

With numerous ranges of antioxidants found in natural fresh fruits and vegetables, the human body tends to naturally produces free radicals, and antioxidants stands to counter their disastrous effects. Although these free radicals by large are sometimes much that than occurring antioxidant contained in the body, but maintaining a balance with frequent supply of antioxidant sources ideally would help fight them in order not to become
damaging. Generally, the special kind of nutrient – antioxidant benefits the body by deactivating and eliminating free radicals from the human body bloodline. The Beta- Carotene, remains an essential antioxidant for the eye, the lycopene is also essential for helping preserve prostate wellbeing while the flavonoids are very much needed for heart
circulation, and lastly proanthocyanidins are good antioxidants beneficial for the human urinary tract fitness.

Naturally, the human skin are always exposed to high level of ultraviolent light rays every day, and photo oxidative damage is usually encouraged due to the development of several kinds of reactive species of oxygen, singlet oxygen and superoxide radicals, which in turn causes sunburns, aging of the human skin, skin cancers among others. However, astaxanthin and beta carotene with Vitamin E has been proven to be the most effective mixture of antioxidants used for protecting one’s skin from sensitive species of the atmospheric oxygen.

While the single oxygen mentioned above can also damage the body immune system, due to its capability to catalysing the creation of free radicals, spirulina and astaxanthin have also proven they can both work together to improving the non- specific and precise immune system, and also guard cells membrane and cellular DNA from alteration.

antioxidants free radicals

Noteworthy, astaxanthin is the only most dominant destroyer of singlet oxygen, and its way stronger than the known carotenoids and beta-carotene, also it’s five hundred times very much stronger than Vitamin E – alphatocopheral, while on the other hand, spirulina has ranges of antioxidants and other formulated ingredients that are beneficial to improving immunity. The intake of antioxidant can further provide additional protection for the body against illness associated with mood swings, memory problems, heart failure and problems and also eye issues. However increasing one’s antioxidant consumption is essential for an optimum health, mostly especially in our today world which is evenly polluted in one way or the other.

Taking Antioxidant Supplement – A Friend or an Enemy

Indeed, antioxidant has become a constant discussion baseline at every plan to gaining good health and to prevent disease, the powerful substance originally comes from fresh fruits and vegetables consumed daily by human. Its benefits are quite good and very important for health, because if free radicals are un-attended too, they generates largely to causes critical illness and chronic diseases to the human body system.

Very much, the human body independently produces free radicals and the special kind of micro-nutrients – antioxidant stands as a counterpart to destructing their impact. They are supposedly to be miracle drugs that help elongated life span, but reports and evidences has had its revealed that the antioxidant supplements does not in any way help one health, why because they are linked to an augmented risk of dying while using them.

The Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, the very good examples of antioxidant are researched to virtually be the most dangerous, while the Vitamin C or Selenium simply doesn’t help in many ways, a high consumption of the Vitamin A causes DNA destruction, the Vitamin E which in turns becomes pro-oxidants enhances the cell damage while the Beta-carotene on the long term of usage actually causes cancers – making chemical substances more dangerous.

Advisably, its better getting antioxidant from a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables rather than its supplements, – taking it supplement with the aforementioned is very destructive. Sticking to eating a balanced diet food as however shown not to be harmful, additionally, the food entails other nutritional benefits and chemical compounds the body requires to function.

Nevertheless, researchers are still learning about the effectiveness of the antioxidants supplement, but due to its certain aftermath as a result of excessive intake, intending users are expected to take the supplement if asked by a doctor or by health experts to do so.

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