A Brief Guide to Purchase the Very First Cell Phone

purchase the very first cell phone

So, finally is the time to get the very first cell phone but, things are not as clear as expected. Wondering how to solve this confusion? Need to plan like a pro? If yes, then here is a brief guide from the experts. Read it thoroughly, understand every aspect and come up with the best possible option.

Although there are numerous cell phones reviews available on the internet, people wouldn’t be able to make up their mind until they have complete insight about their need and what they expect from the mobile phones. Since the market is full of innovative, unique and interesting gadgets, it would be quite difficult to pick up an appropriate one, especially when it’s about purchasing the very first cell phone and the person doesn’t know much about it. To make things easy and result-oriented, here is what everybody should consider;

Know the Needs

Yes, the first and foremost thing is to begin with realizing the needs. People have to decide whether they want a small screen, large screen, keyboard or touch features. Sometimes, they may need BB messenger or Exchange support while some may ask for a good camera to capture their special moments. Ideally, experts suggest to figure out all the needs and prioritize accordingly in order to know the direction of where they should be going.

Selection of an Operating System

On the whole, there are four types of operating systems working in the world:

  • Android: It is an open source OS from Google that is available with easy and user-friendly interface. Applications are available at its app store named as Google Playstore. It may look similar to iOS but allows users to customize widgets and homescreens as they want. Here, the thing to mention is that Android is an open source operating system that may allow manufacturers like HTC and Samsung to do modifications in functionality and design as per their creativity to maintain uniqueness.
  • BlackBerry: For people, who like to use keyboards with small screens, BlackBerry could be the best option since its operating system is developed by a Canadian company that created a revolution in the mobile industry years ago. However, its popularity decreased after some time because of slower hardware and lack of features that are available in iOS and Android.
  • iOS: Maintaining the uniqueness, Apple has created its own operating system under the name iOS that has been around since years. All of the Apple phones are having this operating system and offer unique features unlike Android and other counterparts. In order to avail different services, users may have to use its App Store where, everything is available for Apple mobile phone users.
  • Windows Phone: With a new idea, Microsoft re-entered the mobile market with newly built Windows Phone, containing the Zune MP3 player interface. The distinguishing factor in Windows Phone is that they are having a new interface type that eliminates the need of using shortcuts and notifications because it uses Live Tiles that work as half widget or half app icons.

Important Features to Get

Once an operating system has been chosen for the very first cell phone, the next step is to look at the availability of features. The rule of thumb is not to believe in what the salesmen used to claim because they only want to sell mobiles phones of a certain brand, without being concerned what their customers want. Experts suggest to take someone knowledgeable enough to assist with his/her experience. Practically, every person has to look at the following common yet important features:

  • Nice Screen: To begin with, decide on whether to have LCD or AMOLED followed by the screen resolution that should be 800×480 pixels at least. For better resolution, search for a high quality cell phone that has 1280×720 pixel or 720p.
  • Dual-Core Processor: Nowadays, every mobile phone buyer should make sure that their selection must have at least dual-core processors because they can serve for a longer time period than single-core CPUs. Although the latter may be cheaper and BlackBerry and Windows Phone may not offer dual-core devices but, services may not be as satisfactory as they expect.
  • Updated OS: The next thing is to make sure that the very first cell phone must have the latest operating system- for Android, it should be 4.0 or later while for Windows Phone, it must be 7.5. for BlackBerry, it has to be BB7 while iPhone must come with 4S or later versions.
  • Camera: Take some test photos and check the quality. Some market experts suggest to compare them with iPhone 4S because it’s resolutions are average. If the test doesn’t seem to measure up, then it’s better to go for any other option. Obviously, not everyone has a DSLR to always capture quality photos; instead, cell phone camera should be efficient enough to get the job done.
  • Battery Life: Practically, the difference in battery life is similar to night and day. Since battery life keeps on declining once the phone is purchased, the rule of thumb is to get a good quality phone who battery life is better than others. As a first-time buyer, remember that battery may get worse within 12 to 24 months and there would be no replacement of the original battery, no matter how much removable batteries are available.
  • Size: Since all mobile phones are having quite big sizes nowadays, the key is to always go for the dimensions that are easy to hold. Small screens are usually quite annoying since they make everything smaller but, larger sizes are even troublesome, especially when there are kids around. The size should be of reasonable dimensions so that it can fit into the pocket properly.

Make a Service Plan

Based on endless requirements, cell phones are available with myriads of wireless carriers and plans that help in weekly or monthly scheduling. However, when it comes to creating a service plan, always prefer basic options, without compromising over mobile phone etiquette rules:

Talk: The rule of thumb is to pay for a few minutes used in talking. Although wireless carriers used to charge for nights as well as weekend minutes, remember not to enroll in any of such
packages. Since cell phones are commonly used for GPS, texting, browsing and email, users should be choosing appropriate call packages as per their usage.

Text: Although there is no texting cost for the carriers but still, users should go for moderate plans that charge $10 or less in a month. Remember that there are more chatting or messaging mediums available, particularly Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Chat etc, and users are not usually willing to invest in carrier text services.

Enjoy the time!

Now that everything is clear, it would be quite easy for first-time buyers to purchase the very first cell phone for themselves. They can expect to have all the services up to the mark!

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