9 Pro Tips to Stop Being Addicted to your Phone

mobile phone addiction

Active cigarette smokers fail to have their breakfast, lunch or even go to bed without smoking. Teenagers, nowadays, tend to spend much of their time playing games even at the expense of their studies or other responsibilities. The act of one’s daily activities, work or relationships being interfered with, as a result of being controlled by a particular behavior is, what is termed as addiction. The advancement of technology creates a perfect ambiance for addiction. Cell phones, for instance, can make a person to fail in order to deal with other personal or social issues.

Whenever you find yourself in the kitchen struggling with a burning food just because you were responding to a text message, or find yourself in a ditch because you were on Facebook while walking, these are clear indications that you are addicted to your cell phone.

What else helps to find if you are addicted to cell phones or not. Here are a number of aspects to find that out along with tips on how to stop being addicted to your phone.

1.Stay focused

A focused mind achieves all its goals. When you are doing something or desire to achieve something, do not bring your cell phone with you in the field. A writer, for example, has to write a 2500-word article in less than 24 hours, going with his/her phone to the study room is absolute destruction hence not being able to achieve what he/she is mandated to. It is clear that whenever a message pops in, or a call from a buddy, it would divert all the attention and automatically affects the writer’s mind. At some point, it makes all the ideas escape the brain.

2. Allow your brain be your alarm

Just like the CPU controls everything on the computer, so is the brain in a human’s body. Everything starts in the brain. If you wake up at 6 AM daily, train your brain to be the alarm so that it can wake up at that particular time. Making your phone the alarm, as we all know, it would snooze ones or twice. However, before getting out of the bed, it’s quite common to check if any message is awaiting a reply. So, if something pops on the screen, the brain would immediately direct you to check it and respond.

3. Restroom is restroom

How to stop being addicted to your phone remains to be a crucial aspect. When you need to go to the restroom and relax, you may opt to carry the phone to the restroom so as to do a conversation with your friend. Is it a good habit or bad? Well it’s an addiction that makes you even miss the goodness which comes with the restroom. The approach should be to just abandon the cell phone, and enjoy the soothing and relaxing environment for some time. Having your phone in the restroom, you would end up spending some extra minutes in there since your mind is on the chats and not on the agenda that lead you there.

4.Turning off notifications makes you settle

Whenever that email pops in, you automatically get tempted to reply and when you respond, you end up diverting all the attention to your phone. A call comes in and literary speaking, it is not an important person or an important call. But now since the phone has rung, you cannot ignore it. Alternatively, you can use custom vibration for certain people. This would let you know whether or not the call, text or mail is from an important person, like girlfriend or security officer, without taking your phone from the pocket.

5. Uninstall excess applications

Having some applications on the cell phone that attract and demand attention create addiction. Just like an empty fridge standing in the home, Facebook would force you to open it after every 10 minutes even when you know there is no important thing there. Getting rid of such applications would allow the phone to stay in your pocket even for hours until there are important calls or texts awaiting reply. This would give you room and time to concentrate on things that actually need attention, instead.

6. Avoid checking emails before work

Smartphone addiction affects your priority list. The confusion about how to stop being addicted to your phone is determined by what comes first on your priority list. Waking up in the morning or getting into the office or checking unnecessary emails, everything would lead to time wastage that ultimately affect work delivery. If the sender sent that mail at 1 AM and you happened to receive it in the morning, there is no crime in responding after 4 hours as long as it needs timely reaction. Even if you are the manager of a company, you do not have to respond to an email immediately you wake up. It is unprofessional, in fact, making business communication during off-hours is what that may leave negative impression over others.

7. Avoid loading excess data that you don’t need.

It is not a crime having data on your cell phone. But, having too much data on the phone, related to status update on social media or checking Instagram stories or watching videos on YouTube, everything would keep you glued to the phone thus cleaning all the responsibilities or duties from the mind that you are supposed to perform during that time period. So, to ensure productivity, you should delete everything that is driving you away from your goals. Start to realize value for money and plan your tasks accordingly.

8. Go to bed without your phone

Now here is the problem that you can faithfully attest and relate with. You had a really long day that on your way home you only want to go, take a warm shower, eat and sleep directly. Now, the first two would happen without any problem, but now going to the sleeping quarter, there are some strict decisions to take. Avoid using cell phone while lying on the bed. The best approach is to place it away from the bed so that if any call or message is received, its snoozing couldn’t disturb your sleep. It is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of how to stop being addicted to your phone. Although it may be difficult initially but, as the time passes, everything would start to get easier.

9. During meals, time keep it in your pocket

Did you know that in life, so many things can wait but food can’t? It is easy to decide to reply later but you cannot postpone hunger by saying say, “dear hunger, please come later.” Whenever you go to the dining table or visit a restaurant for lunch, keep your phone in the pocket and enjoy meal with your loved ones.

Considering the excessive use of mobile phones, you should take some measures for yourself instead of complaining if things are not going right. You are your own boss and so, think for yourself first!

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