7 Natural Source of Resveratrol

Having been shown the benefits of resveratrol, one cannot but wonder the kind of food that one could take to be able to get it. There are tons of food one can consume to get this amazing compound but to mention few, here are some major food sources for resveratrol.

7 Natural Source of Resveratrol

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are common for its intake during breakfast mostly by any region where this fruit is common. This fruit makes any meal healthier and tastier. It also has nutrients and antioxidants resveratrol, vitamin C, vitamin K and other nutrients. This is one of the major reason why this berry is known to enhance digestion and also improve the
capacity of ones brain. Although, it has a low degree of resveratrol when compared with grapes blueberries contain a lower amount of this compound, but they offer a variety of other vitamins and minerals, as well.

2. Red Grapes

Eating fruit is one of the best ways to have access to a variety of nutrients needed for the body. and if you are interested in taking fruit with resveratrol, red grapes are very rich in it. And according to measurement, a cup containing 160 grams of red grapes has .24 to 1.25 mg of this compound.
Aside from this, grapes contain high levels of potassium, which helps you maintain healthy blood pressure. The fiber content in red grapes regulates your bowel movements, too. You should consume at least three servings of grapes a week. This reduces your risk of developing diabetes by seven percent.

3. Japanese Knotweed

This plant is popular in the Asia continent for its medical uses. the bamboo-like knotweed comprises resveratrol, as well and it is most preferred for its antioxidants power in Japan and China. Not just the resveratrol, but also other nutrients that can enhance the general well-being of your body.

japanese knotweed

4. Black Raspberries

Black raspberries are one of the top resveratrol food sources. Several research has shown that black raspberries have more resveratrol and other nutrients than most berries, such as blackberries. This fruit improves brain power, heart health, and vision.
Another amazing thing about the black raspberries is that it has the ability to avert tumor growth when taken regularly.

5. Almonds

Keeping a good health record on the intake of resveratrol will need you to be eating a variety of nuts. And a richly nutritious source of this nutrient is almonds. While the exact amount of resveratrol is unknown, it has proven to have a lot of this as well as other nutrients in it. The most nutritious of the almond is those that are yet to undergo


6. Strawberries

The red strawberry is another major source of resveratrol. It contains the five vitamin C source as well as the resveratrol compound. The strawberry is a spectacular fruit as instead of the pulp, the strawberry seeds contain a larger amount of this compound according to a recent study. Not only this, the concentration of compounds in
strawberries are different as the fruit grown at 77 and 86 degree Fahrenheit contains a larger percent of resveratrol than others grown anywhere. It is also known for helping people with a heart issue.

7. Cranberries

Although its drink is known for curing urinary tract infection, and in addition to this, it also contains the resveratrol. It also has the capability to kill bacteria and also preventing air infection by 40%. 125 milliliters of cranberry juice is said to have over 68 mg of resveratrol.

Although there are several other foods to take to get most out of it with respect to resveratrol, taking these that have been enumerated above is bound to be a vital source of the resveratrol for you.

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