5 Best Ways To Whiten Your Skin

whiten your skin

The exposure of the human outer skin to sun, excessive stress, pollution caused by the environment, poor feeding habits and lifestyles and with the use of chemical contained cosmetic products have been linked as the major effect that causes one’s skin to darken or get dull. A lot of person everyday keeps trying to achieve a flawless and fair skin through the flooded skin lightening lotions and creams across many markets. But these products have been recognized to be harmful chemical that can primarily damage the entire outer layer of the human skin. Often at times, the products are found to be quite expensive beyond expectations. You can however help yourself by saving your time and money by using some natural sources that have been regarded as the best way to whiten one’s skin. These natural remedies can effectively brighten up and lighten up dark or dull skin into a light skin complexion. They include the Aloe Vera Gel, Honeys, Lemons, Gram Flour, and Yoghurt among others.

5 Best Ways To Whiten Your Skin

1.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel can be used to whiten your skin because it helps fight against hyperpigmentation and assist in restoring one’s original skin despite torture from the sun or from the environment. Hyperpigmentation is described to as one of the major causes of unplanned skin toning. The Aloe Vera cooling effects also help in regenerating new cells and assist in rebuilding already damaged tissue which is very critical for a healthy skin. This simple natural remedy – Aloe Vera Gel can be used to enhance an overall skin complexion and also help lighten dark spot. It is required that you cut the outer most layer of an Aloe Vera Leaf, before squeezing out the contained thick jelly like content found in it. Right after that is achieved; you can then apply the thick like substance thoroughly on the skin. Leave on body for about thirty to forty minutes before washing and rinsing it off with water. Specifically, intending user of this remedy is expected to undergo this practise at least twice daily within 15 days. Aloe Vera can be bought in the market in case you do not have an Aloe- Vera plant in your garden.

2. Lemon

The acidity content found in lemon has been recognized as naturally endowed bleaching agent that can be used in whitening one’s skin. With the high quantity of vitamin c that allows for growth and development of new cells, lemon is confirmed to have rich antioxidants that are quite beneficial for skin complexion. It is expected that you squeeze out the juice in the lemon before also applying directly on the face. You can as well thoroughly slice a lemon and directly rub it one the affected kin by allowing the juice to get stick into the skin. Right after this, it is required that it should be left on the skin for about an hour before washing and rinsing it off. Once practised once daily, this natural means of whitening once skin will lighten up your skin colour and can as well prevent your skin from experience scars growths. In addition, a turmeric powder can be mix together with about three to four spoon of lemon juice before applying it on the skin. On the other hand, the lemon juice can be mixed with liquid honey and powdered milk before applying it one the skin for about fifteen to twenty minutes before washing off. Advisably, one have to be sure that there are practically no open wounds on the skin before using lemon on the skin, this is because the acidity property of lemon can cause severe pain on wounds. Likewise, for sensitive skin, lemon juice might also not be good, especially if you are an allergic of lemon.

whiten your skin with lemon

3. Gram Flour

This is also one of the best natural ingredients for person willing to lighten up their skin colour. Having contain numerous nutrient that assist the skin to be healthy, gram flour help remove totally excessive oil that has accumulated on the skin while even assisting in retaining your skin’s moisture. Before using the gram flour, it is required that the skin should be mix with a very small quantity of water in order to make a thick paste. After this, user of this remedy can then apply it on any part of the body neither on the hand, on the leg or on the face. It also requires one to leave it on skin until the paste dry off before washing and rinsing with water.

4. Honey

Honey has been recognized by scientist in bleaching the skin. Also referred to as a moisturizing agent, the use of honey can assist faded spots and acne scars on the face. Endowed with antibacterial properties, it is required that you apply pure honey to the face before washing it off with warm water. Honey primarily helps remove dead cells, which in turn makes the skin appear fresher and brighter beyond expectation. While it should also be left on the skin for few minutes, it is expected that the practice should be done once in every 24 hours. Alternatively, to achieve a skin lightening texture, you can combine a spoonful of almond oil, honey, powdered milk and lemon juice together before gently applying it on the skin. For this process, you are expected to leave it on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes before washing the combination off with cold water.

5. Orange

The commonly consumed oranges are also important ingredient for skin care. With bleaching properties, oranges have the potential to lighten up your skin colour. It has been researched that daily intake of orange juice can greatly enhance the total skin texture as well as it agility. To whiten up your skin with oranges, this can be achieved by following the explained process below. You can combine orange juice with powdered turmeric before applying it on your face and neck as you prepare to go to bed. In addition you can as well apply it on your leg and hand before washing it off after thirty minutes. It is required that this practice is done every day.

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