4 Eyes Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

eye benefits grape seed extract

In recent years, when the usage of grape seed extract has increased. The reasons for this is
cannot be far-fetched as the grape seed extract, which is mostly made from the seeds of red
grapes used in wine have countless health benefits which are the of the key factors it’s being
used as part of nutritional supplements. This benefit ranges from the face to the skin, then the
hair and as well as the eyes.

According to research, the grape seed extract can be beneficial to our optic nerves and all that
made up the eyes. This, in some ways, enhance the general work of our eyes while it also helps
in defend and repair mechanism too, making your eyes for one to be healthy and quite immune
against attack. The reason for this benefit can be related to the different chemical composition
that can be found in the grape seed extract.

Take, for example, oligomeric proanthocyanidins which contain antihistamine and antioxidants
properties and it also has in it flavonoids, vitamin E, and linolenic acid. Also, the grape seed
extract has a very specific chemical attraction for blood vessels which allows it to carry our
most of the basic health assistance. We will be considering the different benefits of grape seed
extract for our eyes.

4 Eyes Benefits of Grape Seed Extract


The night vision which is mostly affected by extreme myopia or even retinal disease can be cured by grapeseed extract. According to a research conducted by the Maryland Medical Center about this and published in 2012. It stated that the cells in human retina, which gives us the ability to know the difference between colors and see clearly when under low- light condition, is given adequate protection by the antioxidant found in grape seed extract. Also backing this claim up is that of the University of Colorado Denver monograph on grape seed extract.



Another primary benefit of taking the grape seed extract is its ability to help prevent cataract infection, this was scientifically proven by a tissue culture study that was published in January 2011 tagged “Molecular Vision”. It was found out in the research that the grape seed extract brings about the reduction of oxidative damage to the
human lens cell that has been opened to hydrogen peroxide.


It further stated that the grape seed extract is very valuable when it comes to curing and preventing oxidative damages that can result in cataract formation. This reason for this can be related to the presence of vitamin E that mainly neutralizes oxidation.

Aside from this, another publication in 2006 with the title, “Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery” which uses a study conducted on laboratory animals proves that 100mg per kilogram weight of grape seed proanthocyanidins excellently protect the animals from cataract formation. And when given this dosage and even till five thousand
mg per kilogram body weight, it did not have adverse effects on the animals.



When talking about the most prominent factor that causes the complete loss of sight, we are definitely referring to macular degeneration. According to a survey, it is responsible for the loss of sight of people that are above sixty years old in the United States of America. Although the macular degeneration is caused by old age, medical issues like cardiovascular disease, light-colored eyes, high cholesterol in the body and cigarette smoking are also contributing factors. But to prevent this, the grape seed extract can go a long way.

Also taking from the research conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the most effective preventive action one can take when faced with macular degeneration is to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids. And a form of this acid, the linolenic acid is richly contained in the grape seed extract. Furthermore, a chemical
called Oligomeric proanthocyanins that is found in grape seed extract can be helpful in the prevention and reduce the rate of development of macular degeneration.

macular degeneration

One of the authors of, “The People’s Pharmacy Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies”; Dr. Theresa Graedon gave a high endorsement to grape seed extract when looking for a natural means of slowing down macular disease because of its ability to reduce the visual stress caused by the light emanating from the computer screens. For this to be
effective, a dosage of 50 to 100 mg per day is mostly advised by medical practitioners for the general health upkeep and wellness, but this dosage can be increased depending on the intensity of the macular degeneration.


The dry-eyes syndrome brings about distress to the eyes which in turn causes impairment to the cornea and also insufficient tear flow. This occurs majorly in women as the United States has recorded the case of over ten million American whose larger percentage are women. It is also seen among those set of people who have a long
history of arthritis, smoking, thyroid disease and diabetes. A major way of preventing this is through the intake of grape seed extract as the linolenic acid, which is a form of omega-3 fatty acid, have proven positive in its protection. This was proved through diverse experiments, where people with this syndrome were divided into two group. A
group was given the linoleic acid and the other group was deprived of it. After five days, a test was conducted and it was seen that the first group that was given the acid show 45% less corneal damage than the untreated group and after ten days the improvement increases to 71% The medical benefits of the grape seed extract cannot be over-emphasized as it makes better the eyes without causing any form of damages to any other system or organs of the body while it rid the eyes of the unwanted issue. It also serves as a form of a firewall protecting the eyes from various forms of disease while it also lessens and even cures it of the ones rooted in it.


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