2 Differences Between Grape Seed Extract And Grape Oil That You Do Not Know About

difference between grape seed extract and grape seed oil

Much has been said about the two major from of grapes, that is he grape seed extract and the grape seed oil. But the two of them being from the same source has made it quite hard and nearly impossible to tell the difference between these two products. But them being two separate things, more should be elucidated on how and why they are  different from each other.

In this article, we shall consider 2 ways in which the grape seed extract is different from the grape seed oil and how this is come about.

The Two Differences Between Grape Seed Extract and Grape Seed Oil


The grape seed oil or grape oil as it also called is a form of vegetable oil which is produced from the pressing of seed of different varieties of Vitis Vinifera grapes which is often by the excessive by-product of winemaking.

The process of pressing the grapes is called the expeller press, which requires that the grapes must be heat pressed so as to give out oil. During this process, there will be no use of chemicals. The reason behind this hot press is because of the little quantity of oil in the seeds.

After this, the oil is then extracted through solvent. The popular thing used in this extraction is the Hexane which is known to lessen toxicity during extraction of the oil from the seed.

grapeseed oil

In contrast to this, the grape seed extract is manufactured with more distinctive methods. The seeds as well as the skins of each grapes are from set apart through the use of hands to divided them or using strainer or even sieve if you would prefer to make the process quicker but before doing this, you must have washed the grapes carefully but exhaustively to get the best of product.

When this is done, you leave them to dry out for few hours depending on the weather condition of your location. But during this time, you must be sure that the seeds and skins are without water or moisture. Then, you can follow a process called cold pressing; which involves you heating the skins and seeds with the lowest heat possible in your
setting. This is another method of getting the seeds and skins to dry out faster and better.

While at it, the oil will be setting itself apart from the solids as you press it much harder. When you can clearly see the skin, it is time to make put them away from where you have been cold pressing them. The oil can be seen floating above the skin when you are done cold pressing it, it is then that you can skim them apart. Put the oil in another
container and take out the seed as you do away with the skins waiting for the duo to become dry again. Then, you can finally subject these two to grinding, preferably by grinder. Your grape seed extract production is complete.


2. Vitamins

This is another distinctive factor between the grape seed extract and the grape seed oil.

The grape seed oil as oppose to general believe does not have more than one vitamin as the only vitamin present in the grape seed oil is vitamin E. But the grape seed has in it powerful ingredients like oleic acid known to lower blood pressure, little amount of palmitic acid, stearic acid and large amount of linoleic acid.

It is only the grape seed extract that has in it vitamins like A, C and E. This reason is because of it production through distillation of grape seeds. And it also contain antioxidants which are also anti-inflammatory. Examples of antioxidants present in the grape seeds extracts are flavonoids and polyphenols which are popular for their combat
against radial cells in the body preventing all manner of cancer and other cardiovascular as well as skin issues.

grape seed extract diabetes1

In a nutshell, these are the two major differences that are in the grape seed extracts and the grape seed oil. One major reason people have issues differentiating them is because they perform almost the same function to the body, skin, cells and the immune system but while grape seed oil is good when it comes to moisturizing, the grape seed extract is not highly advised.

Also, when you want to take these two products, they have different dosage to be used because of its variation in nutrition and the presence or absence of some chemicals. In addition to this, the grape seed extracts are industrial derivatives that has a very high concentration of vitamin E unlike the grape seed oil that does not have any of much of this.

Finally, the grape seed extract as well as oil can be used by anybody. Due to its natural production, it doesn’t have adverse effect through its usage as it can neither hurt kids nor can it harm the adults. But when it comes to grape seed extracts, there are percentage advised for kids.

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