Is Grape Seed Poisonous to Dog?


Undoubtedly, grapes are usually in different colours ranging from red to black and green, sweet and tasty like fruits, they are consumed and valued by human beings. Consuming a large quantity of grapes of about 32g per kg is perfect for humans, but can however be fatal for dogs, although not all dogs. Since the year 2001 till date, dog care and health centre where dogs are treated have continually received complaint of grape poisoning and since then scientist and doctors across the world are still trying to find out the cause for grape poisoning in dogs.

Many of us are familiar with the kind of responses we get when asked a veterinary doctor if one dog can take grape, it has always been a big NO. This is because of the toxicity your dog might have to go through after consuming grape. Yes, Grape is sweet, yummy and quite juicy to taste bud but still can’t be given or neither consume by all dogs. As to why grapes are poisonous to some dogs, it is because grapes can eventually develop rapid renal failure in them – Kidney Failure. Hence, it doesn’t matter if grapes are grown in your garden or are commercially grown, just don’t feed it to your pet (Dog).

While it has not been proven on how or why poisoning takes occurs in dogs, grapes which result into kidney failure have been verified for contamination with toxins, metals and chemical, and with this, it can then be concluded that grapes actually is the origin of problems in dogs. It is revealed that grapes is toxic though and quite dangerous for dogs, but grape seed oil are however beneficial to them having constitute omega 6 fatty acids which are beneficial in many way.

Can Grapes Really Harm Dogs?

Yes, the intake of grapes can be very harmful to dogs – why because they cause contamination in them. Although not all dogs get poisoned through grapes, some dogs are usually fine without any health complications while some actually gets problems. Problems can include vomiting, laziness, bad smell, feebleness, intestine pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, ulcers, spams, renal problem, and reduced urine among others. These dangerous symptoms are usually seen after a day of two of ingestion. In addition, dogs that eat grapes might have to experience increased thirst and lethargy as well, if your dog kidney is shut down, increased urination can slow and automatically stop altogether.
Bad smell or breath as mentioned above and oral ulcer might on the other hand also develop as uremic toxic built up in their body and affected dog can lastly end up in a coma or die at the process. Thus, if you know your dog has eaten grapes unconsciously; kindly call your veterinarian without hesitation. To be on the safer side, never give your dog grapes, instead you should try focus on feeding them with high quality food that would in turn provide them balanced nutrition, primarily derived from natural source. Indeed, Carrot and Apple slices are quite good – much better than grapes!!

Quick Treatment

But if your dog does consume more than a few grapes and is among those vulnerable by grapes, sometime can however be saved. Once you observe he/she has eaten several grapes, you can however immediately, make your dog vomit or if you have at hand charcoal, you can make your dog eat activated charcoal instantly – this is because charcoal would help them reduce the absorption of what might cause or lead to kidney/ renal failure. If you eventually do not have activated charcoal at hand, you can in turn burn some of the charcoal, and then make your dog eat it.

Primarily, getting one’s dog to eat some kind of things can be quite easy, but with feeding them activated charcoal might be difficult, due to because the affected dog won’t want to eat anything. Additionally, taking them to the veterinarian can also help – this is because consistent injection of intravenous fluids for about 48 hours has been discovered to help significantly increase the chance of your dog surviving. The earlier the treatment begins, the more chance your dog has of surviving, so do not wait for symptoms.

You can as well give your dog hydrogen peroxide liquid – Your dog can take in 1 ml of 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide with respect to the pound of the dog weight. Notably, in some cases the dog can act normally, hence there is no point giving your pet the above mentioned treatment or there’s no need to visit a doctor. While toxicity of grapes in dogs can be inherited as some dog tends to be sick and other acts perfectly fine in good condition, you can be sure that large dog breed such as Labrador which are usually big and strong can remain in good health even after consuming grapes – but in a reasonable quantity as much consumption might result to complicated problems.

Bottom Line on Grape Seed Being Poisonous to Dog

In order not to have your dog experience the aftermath of grape, it’s imperative that you store grapes at a level at which your dog can’t reach and if your garden is dominated with grape vines, it’s also important you make inaccessible. However, after reading this article guess you have come to realize why grapes are not good for dogs, though not all dogs. The reason for grape poisoning in dogs is still much unknown till date. Can My Dog Consume Grape? Well the answer is simply a big a NO. – Grapes are confirmed dangerous for your dogs, Humans (You) can joyfully consume or eat grapes but never give them to your lovable dogs. Specifically, there is a lot of variation to how a dog can react to grapes. While some can eat grapes in relatively larger amount with no effect at the long run, some others might just consume relatively small amount and still can lead to a big issue.

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